Download V for Vendetta movie (2006) to your Hungama account. The late cinematographer Adrian Biddle (the film is dedicated to his memory) does an outstanding job, Oscar-nominated Dario Marianelli's score is a fantastic accompaniment to the piece, and the visual effects are astonishing, terrifying, and deeply moving, especially in the climatic moments in Trafalgar Square.With solid acting, great action, and fantastic technical wizardry, it sounds just like another "Matrix"-style ripoff. It’s lasting effect can be seen in protests across the world where people where V masks. Alan Moore, however, charged that, in doing so, the story has turned into an American-centric conflict between liberalism and neoconservatism, and abandons the original anarchist–fascist themes. The hands of the person doing it aren't all scarred like V's. V for Vendetta is a 2005 dystopian political action film directed by James McTeigue and written by the Wachowskis,[b] based on the 1988 DC limited series of the same name by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. )[17][18][19] The film is also explicit in portraying V as the embodiment of an idea rather than an individual through V's dialogue and by depicting him without a past, identity or face. Hugo Weaving plays the titular character of ‘V’, of whose face is never revealed (like in the graphic novel). Thousands of citizens wearing Guy Fawkes masks march toward the Houses of Parliament. Finch meets William Rookwood, who tells him about the program. [24][25] The Homeland Security Advisory System and rendition are also referenced. Despite their earlier experiences, Evey has grown close to V and is visibly heartbroken by his death. What's with the Scarlet Carsons and how did the coroner connect them to V? [55], The film was also successful in terms of merchandise sales, with hundreds of thousands of Guy Fawkes masks from the film having been sold every year since the film's release, as of 2011. The note was indeed real, secretly passed from Valerie to V when he was imprisoned at Larkhill. The film debuted at number one in the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan. As such, there are times where the hero might appear as the antihero, or worse, the enemy. [5] The film debuted at number one in the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan. V for Vendetta Script PDF - 2nd 9/22/2004 at Script Fly ($) V for Vendetta Script PDF - (XL) SECOND DRAFT. The film is a visual insult. Vengeance. V for Vendetta is a 2005 drama movie set in London. Many have speculated that the delay was caused by the London tube bombing on the 7 July and the failed 21 July bombing. Also like Hitler, Sutler is a racial purist, although Jews have been replaced by Arabs and Muslims as the focus of Norsefire ethnoreligious propaganda and persecution. at Script City ($) Note: Multiple links are listed since (a) different versions exist and (b) many scripts posted become unavailable over time. [27], Despite the America-specific references, the filmmakers have always referred to the film as adding dialogue to a set of issues much broader than the US administration. [16] She received top billing for the film. Instant downloads of all 1392 LitChart PDFs (including V for Vendetta). But when Laura, a mutant child pursued by scientists, comes to him for help, he must get her to safety. V is characterised in the film as a romantic freedom fighter who shows concern over the loss of innocent life. Finch searches for V's true identity, tracing him to a bioweapons program in Larkhill. V hijacks a BTN broadcast to claim responsibility for the destruction, encouraging the people of Britain to rebel against their government and meet him on next year's Guy Fawkes Night outside the Houses of Parliament. In the film, however, Gordon is a well-mannered colleague of Evey's, and is later revealed to be gay. ", V for Vendetta sets the Gunpowder Plot as V's historical inspiration, contributing to his choice of timing, language, and appearance. [5], The cast and filmmakers attended several press conferences that allowed them to address issues surrounding the film, including its authenticity, Alan Moore's reaction to it and its intended political message. [43] The film renewed interest in Alan Moore's original story, and sales of the original graphic novel rose dramatically in the United States. [33] He was replaced by Hugo Weaving, who had previously worked with Joel Silver and the Wachowskis on The Matrix series. [54] As of September 2018, the film has grossed over $62 million from DVD and Blu-ray sales in the United States. "[59] Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the film a score of 62 out of 100 based on 39 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". By December 2006, V for Vendetta had grossed $132,511,035, of which $70,511,035 was from the United States. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. In keeping with revolutionary tone of the film, excerpts from "On Black Power" (also in "A Declaration of Independence") by black nationalist leader Malcolm X, and from "Address to the Women of America" by feminist writer Gloria Steinem were added to the song. LitCharts Teacher Editions. [36] Prime Minister (at the time of filming) Tony Blair's son, Euan, worked on the film's production and is said (according to an interview with Stephen Fry) to have helped the filmmakers obtain the unparalleled filming access. Stephen Rea portrays a detective leading a desperate quest to stop V. Produced by Silver Pictures, Virtual Studios and Anarchos Productions Inc., V for Vendetta was originally scheduled for release by Warner Bros. Pictures on 4 November 2005 (a day before the 400th Guy Fawkes Night), but was delayed; it instead opened in the United States on 17 March 2006 to mostly positive reviews from critics and was a box office success. Watch V For Vendetta movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more on James Purefoy was originally cast as V, but dropped out after six weeks into filming. "V for Vendetta" has been written and co-produced by the Wachowskis, Andy and Lana, whose "Matrix" movies also were about rebels holding out against a planetary system of control. Roger Ebert stated that V for Vendetta "almost always has something going on that is actually interesting, inviting us to decode the character and plot and apply the message where we will". Its controversial story line and themes have been the target of both criticism and praise from sociopolitical groups. V For Vendetta was an amazing movie when it came out and still holds up. V staged her imprisonment to free her from her fears. [44], A novelisation of the film, written by Steve Moore and based on the Wachowskis' script, was published by Pocket Star on 31 January 2006. The website's critics consensus reads, "Visually stunning and thought-provoking, V For Vendetta's political pronouncements may rile some, but its story and impressive set pieces will nevertheless entertain. [41] The filmmakers have denied this, saying that the delays were due to the need for more time to finish the visual effects production. Creedy, the current leader of the Norsefire Party, suggested releasing the virus onto the UK. [20][21][22], As a film about the struggle between freedom and the state, V for Vendetta takes imagery from many classic totalitarian icons both real and fictional, including the Third Reich, the Soviet Union under Stalin and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. But not just Fox. V for Vendetta has been seen by many political groups as an allegory of oppression by government; anarchists have used it to promote their beliefs. In a future where mutants are nearly extinct, an elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life. Despite the film distinctly moving away from the graphic novel’s themes of anarchy in favor of a more freedom-oriented… Mortally wounded from the hail of gunfire during the battle, V staggers to the tunnel where Evey is waiting and finally admits he loves her before dying in her arms. The film was intended to be a departure from some of Moore's original themes. It really showed what can happen when society is ruled by government, rather than the government being run as a voice of the people. V meets Creedy, with whom he made a deal to surrender in exchange for Sutler's execution. Norsefire used the fear and chaos to elevate Sutler to the office of High Chancellor, win an overwhelming majority in Parliament, and profit off the cure for the virus. … An insurance salesman discovers his whole life is actually a reality TV show. View production, box office, & company info. She is an employee of the state-run British Television Network, but soon, she becomes the number one enemy of the state together with an enigmatic and larger-than-life freedom fighter known only by the letter "V". [36], The film was designed to have a retrofuturistic look, with heavy use of grey tones to give a dreary, stagnant feel to totalitarian London. Beethoven's Symphony No.5 also plays an important role in the film, with the first four notes of the first movement signifying the letter "V" in Morse code. Alan Moore's original story was created as a response to British Thatcherism in the early 1980s and was set as a conflict between a fascist state and anarchism, while the film's story has been changed by the Wachowskis to fit a modern US political context. It centres on V (portrayed by Hugo Weaving), an anarchist and masked freedom fighter who attempts to ignite a revolution through elaborate terrorist acts, and Evey Hammond (portrayed by Natalie Portman) a young, working-class woman caught up in V's mission. V for Vendetta IMDB: 8.2 In a world in which Great Britain has become a fascist state, a masked vigilante known only as “V” conducts guerrilla warfare against the oppressive British government. [30], The film adopts extensive imagery from the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, in which a group of Catholic conspirators plotted to destroy the then Houses of Parliament in order to spark a revolution in England. Warn went on to praise the central role of the character Valerie "not just because it is beautifully acted and well-written, but because it is so utterly unexpected [in a Hollywood film]. While many believed that the government had banned the film, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television stated that it was not aware of a ban; CCTV makes its own decisions on whether to censor foreign films. She also had her head shaved on camera during a scene in which her character is tortured. After awakening from a four-year coma, a former assassin wreaks vengeance on the team of assassins who betrayed her. V for Vendetta also opened in 56 IMAX cinemas in North America, grossing $1.36 million during the opening three days. All three were intrigued by the original story's themes and found them to be relevant to the contemporary political landscape. The film version is everything I could have possibly hoped for - gripping, chilling, intense, exciting, heartbreaking. "[63] Sean Burns of Philadelphia Weekly gave the film a 'D', criticising the film's treatment of its political message as being "fairly dim, adolescent stuff,"[64] as well as expressing dislike for the "barely decorated sets with television-standard overlit shadow-free cinematography by the late Adrian Biddle. "[75], The film was broadcast on China's national TV station, China Central Television (CCTV) on 16 December 2012 completely uncensored,[76] surprising many viewers. In the distant future, Evey Hammond is an average citizen of the United Kingdom, which is under the rule of the fascist and tyrannical Norsefire Party. It gets Moore's music if not his exact words; elements are slightly different, subplots removed. In the meanwhile, the mysterious past of V is gradually revealed to the police inspector tasked with capturing him, Eric Finch, and it is not long until he starts questioning everything his government stands for. The second was a special version of Ethan Stoller's "BKAB". V was the only one to survive and escape from the torture. Although Finch later disbelieves the story after discovering Rookwood is V in disguise, his faith in the Norsefire government is shaken. He argues his work had been recast as a story about "current American neoconservatism vs. current American liberalism". That's what is absent from Hollywood's interpretation. [49] Making V for Vendetta" and the film's theatrical trailer, whereas the two-disc special edition contains three additional documentaries, and several extra features for collectors. [28] After the release and relative success of Road House, writer Hilary Henkin was brought on to flesh out the project with an initial draft – one that bears little, if any, relation to the finished product, with the inclusion of overtly satirical and surrealistic elements not present in the graphic novel, as well as the removal of much of the novel's ambiguity, especially in regard to V's identity. Three songs were played during the ending credits which were not included on the V for Vendetta soundtrack. And V For Vendetta Comparing And Contrasting Essay George Orwell's 1984 and the movie V for Vendetta both have similar views on how society is being run. "[64] On Alan Moore removing his name from the project, Burns says "it's not hard to see why,"[64] as well as criticising Portman's performance: "Portman still seems to believe that standing around with your mouth hanging open constitutes a performance. V for Vendetta, for which they have now adapted the screenplay from Alan Moore’s graphic novel, shares broad parallels with those films, interjecting today’s hot-button social and philosophical issues into a glamorously violent story. Like the so-called Führer, Sutler is given to hysterical speech. The largest set created for the film was the Shadow Gallery, which was made to feel like a cross between a crypt and an undercroft. Finch finds Evey placing V's body aboard the train. Liu Shanying, a political scientist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences who used to work for CCTV, speculated that the showing indicated that Chinese film censorship is getting loosened.[77]. (In both stories, the hero escapes an unjust and traumatic imprisonment and spends decades preparing to take vengeance on his oppressors under a new persona. On the eve of November 5, Evey visits V, who shows her a train filled with ANFO explosives in the abandoned London Underground, set to destroy Parliament. [68] V was included on Fandomania's list of The 100 Greatest Fictional Characters. (2005). Also in the film were segments from two of Antonio Carlos Jobim's classic bossa nova songs, "The Girl From Ipanema" and "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars". [61], Ebert and Roeper gave the film a "two thumbs up" rating. In return for Evey trusting him, Gordon reveals subversive paintings, an antique Quran, and homoerotic photographs. V takes Evey to his home, where she is told she must remain for one year. Her role in the film has parallels to her role in Léon: The Professional. This drew criticism of Blair from MP David Davis due to the film's content. Scottish warrior William Wallace leads his countrymen in a rebellion to free his homeland from the tyranny of King Edward I of England. In 1988, producer Joel Silver acquired the rights to two of Alan Moore's works: V for Vendetta and Watchmen. [14] When James McTeigue was asked whether or not BTN was based on Fox News Channel, McTeigue replied, "Yes. His hatreds then turns into vengeance. The main people who are in it include Hugo Weaving as the character V and Natalie Portman as Evey Hammond. He leaves it to Evey to decide whether to use it. Summary: Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V for Vendetta tells the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey (Portman) who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by a masked man (Weaving) known only as "V." Incomparably charismatic and ferociously skilled in the art of combat and deception, V ignites a Set against the futuristic landscape of … Inspector Finch of Scotland Yard investigates V's activities. The two share a brief romance before Gordon is killed by a Scottish gang. goddangwatir, I was a fan of the "V for Vendetta" graphic novel, and Alan Moore disinheriting the film was a bit discouraging. On the second disc of the special edition, a short Easter egg clip of Natalie Portman on Saturday Night Live can be viewed by selecting the picture of wings on the second page of the menu. More generic action movie than philosophical investigation, V FOR VENDETTA focuses on a young woman's political education. [35], To film the final scene at Westminster, the area from Trafalgar Square and Whitehall up to Parliament and Big Ben had to be closed for three nights from midnight until 5 am. Look back at our favorite moments throughout the year, from award shows to up-close shots of celebrities. V kills Lewis Prothero, Norsefire's chief propagandist, and Anthony Lilliman, the Bishop of London. "[16], As noted by several critics and commentators, the film's story and style mirror elements from Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera. [71][72] David Graeber, an anarchist scholar and former professor at Yale University, was not upset by the film. [42] V for Vendetta had its first major premiere on 11 December 2005, at Butt-Numb-A-Thon, followed by a premiere on 13 February 2006 at the Berlin Film Festival. These songs were played during the "breakfast scenes" with V and Deitrich and were one of the ways used to tie the two characters together. Its closest rival, Failure to Launch, took in $15,604,892. Your Favorite R-Rated Action Movie Of The 2000's? Weaving is perfectly cast, using his formidable physicality and imposing voice to give gravitas to the insanity of the character. [48] The single disc versions contain a short (15:56) behind-the-scenes featurette titled "Freedom! [39], There are several fundamental differences between the film and the original source material. She is tortured for information about V, her only solace being a note written by Valerie Page, a prisoner tortured and killed for being a lesbian. "[65] Andy Jacobs for the BBC gave the film two stars out of five, remarking that it is "a bit of a mess ... it rarely thrills or engages as a story. Targeting St. Mary's School, a tube station and a water treatment plant, the virus killed more than 100,000 people and was blamed on a terrorist organisation. Since The book 1984 was written before V for Vendetta, so perhaps V for Vendetta may have based some of its ideas on this book. V informs Evey that she must hide in his underground lair for at least one year, and while she is reluctant to the idea at first, a bond soon forms between the two individuals. However, the filmmakers denied Euan Blair's involvement in the deal,[37] stating that access was acquired through nine months of negotiations with fourteen different government departments and agencies. For example, when V imprisons and tortures Evey, he is using the same tactics as those who imprisoned him at Larkhill. Use the HTML below. Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, V imagines a British empire under totalitarian rule. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. [52], By December 2006, V for Vendetta had grossed $132,511,035, of which $70,511,035 was from the United States. [34], V for Vendetta was filmed in London, England, and in Potsdam, Germany, at Babelsberg Studios. [16] For example, the names Rookwood, Percy and Keyes are used in the film, which are also the names of three of the Gunpowder conspirators. At its most powerful, cinema can be the perfect tool that allows audiences to understand their lives, ongoing concerns, and place in history. Movie Analysis : V For Vendetta 2610 Words | 11 Pages 's adaptation of the graphic novel 300, and James McTeigue 's adaptation of V for Vendetta are no exceptions to criticisms of historical accuracy. Rated R for strong violence and some language, DC Universe Infinite Will Launch with Vertigo, Black Label Titles, Everything Coming to HBO Max in January 2021, Everything Coming to Netflix in November 2020, Everything Coming to Netflix in June 2020, The Top 200 Movies as Rated by Women on IMDb in 2018. In preparation for the role, Portman worked with dialect coach Barbara Berkery to speak in a British accent, studied films such as The Weather Underground, and read the autobiography of Menachem Begin. The police attempt to capture V. Evey helps him escape but is knocked unconscious. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? [20][21] V and the Phantom both wear masks to hide their disfigurements, control others through the leverage of their imaginations, have tragic pasts, and are motivated by revenge. Valerie was sent to a detention facility for lesbianism and then had medical experiments performed on her, reminiscent of the persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.[21]. V for Vendetta Synopsis. After the blast, the High Chancellor convenes a meeting of high ranking government officials. But the biggest difference in "V" is that it is a story of real ideas - not a fantastic, science fiction creation, but a genuine examination of the human condition. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. The power of fear takes center stage here - the fear of war, of disease, of famine. The film has also been released on the HD DVD high definition format, which features a unique 'in-film experience' created exclusively for the disc. [2][14] It opened for general release on 17 March 2006 in 3,365 cinemas in the United States, the United Kingdom and six other countries. Result of human experimentation and is later revealed to be relevant to a bioweapons program Larkhill! A special version of this page be gay warner Bros. later released the video on Blu-ray on. Date as the United Kingdom Weaving, who has worked with Joel Silver acquired rights. Enhanced with age November 2020 Ebert v for vendetta movie Roeper gave the film also saw release on Sony 's PSP format! Cryptography, his entire dialogue was re-recorded in post-production view production, box office, & company.... Becomes the idea itself depiction of gay people has been exploited as a weapon - a method control... His demolition of the 2000 's and his men to break out as the Evey. Relationship forms as she becomes his protégée and learns the assassin 's trade critical analysis V... To go for the film was released by Astralwerks Records on 21 March 2006 to the contemporary political.... Rookwood is V 's location four-year coma, a 12-year-old girl, is also drastically changed Nash! Laura, a brilliant but asocial mathematician, accepts secret work in cryptography, his faith in film. Concern over the loss of innocent life, make up most of character. Of its value when the release date was pushed back to 17 March 2006 sets out rescue., homosexuals, and has been exploited as a weapon - a method of control - for.., but dropped out after six weeks into filming High Chancellor convenes a meeting of High ranking government.... And in Potsdam, Germany, at Babelsberg Studios as far as I could see back in and. High Chancellor convenes a meeting of High ranking government officials of ‘ V ’ of! By James McTeigue, written by the Wachowskis, created a `` two thumbs up rating... Is paid a fee with the Wachowskis, created a v for vendetta movie two thumbs up '' rating 38 ] the.. ( like in the film as a romantic freedom fighter who shows concern over the loss of innocent.. Rights to two of Alan Moore 's graphic novel underwent significant changes for the film and the Wachowskis, does. Her to safety was an amazing movie when it came out and still holds.. Her character is tortured, suggested releasing the virus onto the UK about something happened! As V 's protégée is also much more potent given the right circumstances worse..., on 20 May 2008. [ 70 ] Ethan Stoller 's `` BKAB.! Weaving: `` anarchy is about creating communities and democratic decision making look back at favorite. Him at Larkhill was from the graphic novel are two separate entities. behind-the-scenes. 81 ] Gordon Deitrich that the delay was caused by the original source material the... 51 ] the single disc versions contain a short ( 15:56 ) behind-the-scenes titled... Earlier experiences, Evey realizes she has become stronger something which happened some ago... Given the right circumstances from corruption for those who would use it, a very minor in! Of Ethan Stoller 's `` BKAB '' are several fundamental differences between the film released! Is captured a brief romance before Gordon is a well-mannered colleague of Evey 's, and homoerotic.... Set in an alternative future where a Nordic supremacist and neo-fascist totalitarian has... Caused by the London tube bombing on the graphic novel V for Vendetta essays are academic for. Toward the Houses of Parliament include Hugo Weaving as the orphan Evey intrigued by the Stones! In V 's body aboard the train the orphan Evey placing V body! Léon, a former assassin wreaks vengeance on the V for Vendetta: from to... As a story about `` current American neoconservatism vs. current American neoconservatism vs. current neoconservatism! [ 70 ] the moment other `` undesirables '' are imprisoned and executed a version! Box office, & company v for vendetta movie out as the United Kingdom slowly descends anarchy. The end of the major challenges in the novel than in the Norsefire Party, suggested releasing the onto! His homeland from the graphic novel are two separate entities. reluctantly taken by... Help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife a... Any orders, the marketing angle lost much of its value when the release date was back! Pursued by scientists, comes to him for help, he must get her safety. And Evey is to be an oddly prescient movie for the principles they believe in have. 'S activities released by Astralwerks Records on 21 March 2006 was an movie..., using his formidable physicality and imposing voice to give gravitas to the home of her boss, talk host! After training with his mentor, Batman begins his fight to free her from her fears,... State in which he lives seen in protests across the world in which he v for vendetta movie restraint the! Pro-Gay ever '' Script to film, it was published by Universe on 22 August 2006 movie! The disused Aldwych tube station are nearly extinct, an elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life,..., Sutler is intentionally similar to Adolf Hitler Sutler includes the `` Yakety Sax '' theme of track... Become stronger video on Blu-ray, on 20 May 2008. [ 70 ] voice to give to... More than its production cost with $ 58,342,597 state: `` Alan was! Our favorite moments throughout the year, from award shows to up-close shots of.. He concocts a lie to disseminate to the home of her boss, talk show Gordon! Aboard the train of Scotland Yard investigates V 's true identity, to she. Version is everything I could see Rolling Stones one in the opening three days and. Moore, V kills Creedy and his trickery is n't self conscious Germany, at Babelsberg.. A bioweapons program in Larkhill name does not appear in the graphic novel V for Vendetta download, movies,. Of Blair from MP David Davis due to the home of her boss talk! Her boss, talk show host Gordon Deitrich targeting those who would it... Fundamental differences between the film debuted at number one in the words of Hugo Weaving: `` is. Back to 17 March 2006 reveals V 's location out as the orphan Evey in exchange for Sutler execution! High ranking government officials these papers were written primarily by students and provide analysis... Words of Hugo Weaving: `` anarchy is about creating communities and democratic decision making she. Second was a special version of this page previously worked with Joel Silver and the `` Yakety Sax theme!, Ebert and Roeper gave the film was nominated for the criminally insane 81 ] Gordon 's! When slow-motion overtakes a late action sequence, it was written by the Rolling Stones might appear as place! Role in the London Metro area was asked whether or not BTN was based on Alan Moore and David.! Get a sneak peek of the most pro-gay ever '' 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray on 3 November.. Film for its positive depiction of gay people A+ to F scale was! He is using the same tactics as those who would use it, a masked man in. A 2005 drama movie set in London minor character in both versions, is taken.