Europa League 2020/2021 live scores on offer livescore, results, Europa League standings and match details (goal scorers, red cards, …). .qc-cmp-ui .qc-cmp-table, But as far as feature SummerSlam matches go, this was too long, and had a bit too much smoke and mirrors. Andrade is an underrated performer, and was another highlight. @AngeloDawkins 'Initial Screen Title Text': 'Le respect de votre vie privée est notre priorité', Medical school students and graduates from the United States and around the world have learned in which U.S. residency programs they will train for the next three to seven years. Rating: 3.25 stars. Calendrier des matchs de football a suivre en direct le jeudi 28 mai 2020 (38 matchs) . You’ll never see it coming. Miro defeated Sonny Kiss by submission. } Controlling VR with my mind: NextMind's dev kit shows me a strange new world, Galaxy S21 vs. S20 vs. S20 FE vs. A simple, but decent match. Orton hit a suplex on the announce table, McIntyre locked in the Figure Four as a nod to Ric Flair. Here are the results for this week’s edition of AEW Dark for this week: Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) defeated Bear Country by pinfall. Alex Reynolds and John Silver of Dark Order defeated Shawn Dean and Tyson Maddux by pinfall. .qc-cmp-button:hover { Liverpool's 2020-21 fixture schedule - match information, stats, results, audio commentary, highlights, videos and league table. And. }}; It likely all leads to WWE's next pay-per-view, Payback, which takes place on Sunday. } if (window.addEventListener) { event.source.postMessage(msgIsString ? University of Washington School of Medicine - WWAMI. 'Vendor Screen Accept All Button Text': 'Tout Accepter', background-color: #FFFFFF !important; Drew McIntyre is still WWE Championship. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. } The bout followed the story from the opening match. .qc-cmp-button { SmackDown results, Dec. 25, 2020: Big E captures the Intercontinental Championship . McIntyre won, but not decisively enough that a rematch doesn't make sense. The Big Dog is back, and one woman lost her title. .qc-cmp-main-messaging, .qc-cmp-purpose-description, .qc-cmp-messaging { THE BIG DOG IS BACK!#SummerSlam @WWERomanReigns, Officially OFF THE RAILS.#SummerSlam #UniversalTitle @WWEBrayWyatt, #TheBigDog @WWERomanReigns is destroying EVERYONE in his sight! Le service de scores et de résultats de football en direct sur vous offre les scores et de 1000+ championnats de foot. It wasn't exciting to watch, but it still achieved something. "success": success, But the big news of the night was a surprise: Roman Reigns returned after the main event, spearing the crap out of The Fiend and destroying Braun Strowman. But the wrestling itself was average. That's a legitimately redeeming quality here, because it gives the bout purpose. Have your say on the game in the comments. .qc-cmp-small-toggle.qc-cmp-toggle-on, Have your say on the game in the comments. Rollins is amazing, and Dominik did super well, so it certainly wasn't bad. .qc-cmp-alt-action, This began with Bayley dropping Asuka knee-first into the apron. color:#ffffff !important; 'Purpose Screen Vendor Link Text': 'Afficher la liste complète des partenaires', .qc-cmp-ui .qc-cmp-vendor-list-title { } It began with Ford getting the advantage over Garza, but the bad guys quickly turned things around by double teaming and beating down on Ford. 0. Dec. 25 is a Friday this year. Serie A Match Report for Cagliari v Internazionale on 13 December 2020, includes all goals and incidents. The two ended up outside, with Strowman crashing The Fiend through the barricade. var msgIsString = typeof === "string"; Informations et documentations juridiques. else if (b[0] === 'ping') { Group stage - Matchday 2. One upside: It felt like this match was designed to show a tough side to Mandy Rose. I know, it's crazy. It would have been stronger with a third of its length cut. It began with The Fiend hitting a urangage on Strowman. WWE SummerSlam 2020 match grades, highlights & results Andreas Hale 8/24/2020. // relying on DOMContentLoaded or other events. It was not a particularly good match. "cmpLoaded": false}, true); This match benefitted greatly from that, because I'm sure it would have died in front of a crowd. .club__content .field--name-body figure img { 'UI Layout': 'banner', The Big Dog is back, and one woman lost her title. window.__cmp.msgHandler = cmpMsgHandler; var body = document.body, window.__cmp(i.command, i.parameter, function(retValue, success) { 'Vendor Screen Purposes Link Text': 'Revenir aux Objectifs', WWE SummerSlam 2020: Roman Reigns returns, full recap, results and ratings . border-color: #0097D7 !important; } else { Rating: 2.5 stars. } })(); @MontezFordWWE goes WAY ... but gets SLAMMED ⬇️ by @AngelGarzaWwe & @AndradeCienWWE with the #WWERaw #TagTeamTitles on the line at #SummerSlam! Entertain your brain with the coolest news from streaming to superheroes, memes to video games. 'Initial Screen Accept Button Text': 'J'accepte', } It's EVERYBODY'S. if(msgIsString) { .qc-cmp-button.qc-cmp-secondary-button { WWE TLC 2020: Results, Orton kills The Fiend, full recap and analysis. window.__cmp.gdprAppliesGlobally = gdprAppliesGlobally; 'Post Consent Page': '', © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Mandy Rose got the win after hitting three running knee strikes on Sonya Deville, and then planting Deville with a pedigree-face buster. if (!window.frames['__cmpLocator']) { elem.src = ''; __cmp.a.push([].slice.apply(b)); } }); Rating: 3.75 stars. elem.async = true; .qc-cmp-ui, var json; Just moments in, Banks hit a gnarly sunset flip powerbomb to Asuka from the apron to the ground. } if (!b.length) { border-color: #0097D7 !important; ', AEW Dark Results for December 29, 2020 Matches. AEW Dark Results for December 22, 2020 Matches. color: #0097D7 !important; } On a very special Christmas edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Big E laid claim to the Intercontinental Title, Roman Reigns overcame Kevin Owens in a Universal Championship Steel Cage Match, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair and Asuka successfully retained in a Triple Threat Tag … Sunderland scores, results and fixtures on BBC Sport, including live football scores, goals and goal scorers. 2020-2021 St. Louis Area Rifle League Match #1; 2020 Blue Jay Classic; 2020-2021 IPRL Match #3; Upcoming Matches. Afin de faciliter votre décision, vous pouvez développer la liste de chaque entreprise pour voir à quelles fins il utilise les données. landingPages.classList.add('content-prime'); 'Purpose Screen Body Text': 'Vous pouvez configurer vos réglages et choisir comment vous souhaitez que vos données personnelles soient utilisées en fonction des objectifs ci-dessous. Anna Jay defeated Jazmin Allure by … var gdprAppliesGlobally = false; Rating: 4.25 stars. Thunder Rosa defeated Jazmin Allure by pinfall. The actual finish came when Bayley tried to interfere but caught a spinning forearm from Asuka. } Today the NRMP also releases the Advance Data Tables (select tables from the full Match report published in earl… #SummerSlam He then tried to slam The Fiend through the announcer's table, but it didn't break. This was great, and I'm excited to see the rematch. In a stunning WarGames Match, Team Candice reigned supreme over Team Shotzi when Raquel González ended the brutal showdown by pinning NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai. These two women worked hard, but it was ultimately sloppy and a little boring. background-color: transparent !important; } Soyez au plus proche de l'actualité du club et mettez l'OM dans votre poche ! var i = json.__cmpCall; if (json.__cmpCall) { @WWEApollo takes flight!! .qc-cmp-ui .qc-cmp-beta-messaging, Bayley and Asuka didn't really click here. Listen - … Both men ended up bloodied up, and both men worked incredible hard. Asuka won the Raw Women's Championship in another strong bout. Résultats en direct, classements, compositions et détails de match. #SummerSlam @35_Dominik, DIALIN' IT UP! This was the opposite of the earlier Rollins/Mysterio match. #USTitle #SummerSlam Back. } } = '__cmpLocator'; It had to be: This was Dominik's first match. position: relative; Round of 16. 'Purpose Screen Title Text': 'Le respect de votre vie privée est notre priorité', Reddit; Pocket; Flipboard; Email; Les autres combats auront lieu depuis le Performance Center à Orlando. Aké (25', 45'+1) 'Initial Screen Body Text Option': 1, This bout was a little disjointed at points, but it was a solid tag match. else { } 939 likes. After an excellent match, he pinned Randy Orton with a rollup. } Lots happened at SummerSlam, including the crowning of The Fiend as Universal Champion. As announced previously, the Company will host a conference call tomorrow, Thursday, November 5, 2020, at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) to discuss the results. 'Publisher Logo': '', window.__cmp = function (c) { left: 0px; .qc-cmp-button.qc-cmp-secondary-button:hover { } #SummerSlam, #TheBigDog IS BACK!!! . Anthony Mango-December 22, 2020. ', Vous pouvez configurer les réglages de manière indépendante pour chaque partenaire. It began with Orton playing mind games, evading McIntyre by stalling outside the ring. .qc-cmp-ui .qc-cmp-messaging, The Class of 2020 Match Results: Most Popular Institutions Institution Name for Categorical/Advanced Match # Hospital Names # State Harvard System 13 BI Deaconess 3 MA Brigham & Womens Hosp-MA 3 Children's Hospital-Boston 1 Harvard Med School/Mass Eye and Ear 1 Massachusetts Gen Hosp 5 University of Chicago Med Ctr 7 IL Universty of California System 7 Harbor-UCLA Med Ctr-CA 1 CA UC … float: left; Asuka tapped out Sasha Banks to win the Raw Women's Championship in by far the best match of the night so far. Everything else on the show was average, including the disappointing SmackDown Women's Championship match between Bayley and Asuka and the Loser Leaves WWE contest between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. The other key match was Dominik Mysterio against Seth Rollins in a street fight, which ended with Rollins crushing Dominik with a curb stomp. let landingPages = document.querySelector('.page-node-type-landing-page'); "@DMcIntyreWWE successfully defends his #WWETitle in the #WWEThunderDome at #SummerSlam! } Other than Rey being handcuffed, this street fight also saw a cameo appearance by Rey's wife, interference from Murphy, the extensive use of kendo sticks and a spot that saw both Dominik and Rollins crash through a table. The finish was great because it was a clean pin but not a definitive one. As far as first matches go, this was an excellent one for Dominik Mysterio. 'Vendor Screen Cancel Button Text': 'Annuler', LIVE SCORE : 8 matchs en direct . Merci de cliquer sur le bouton ci-dessous pour donner votre accord. window.addEventListener('message', cmpMsgHandler, false); Asuka's leg was injured, so Banks went straight for that. That said, Dominik Mysterio is clearly going to be great. position: relative !important; Barrage Bundesliga 2019-2020 - barrage bundesliga : retrouvez le calendrier et les résultats de la compétition sur L'Équipe. It was a no disqualification match, which ended up meaning a lot of ringside brawling but not much in the way of spectacle. 'Initial Screen Body Text': 'Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes utilisent différentes technologies, telles que les cookies, pour personnaliser les contenus et les publicités, proposer des fonctionnalités sur les réseaux sociaux et analyser le trafic. 'Vendor Screen Reject All Button Text': 'Tout Refuser', Jun 2021. } max-width: none !important; + #SummerSlam @itsBayleyWWE @SashaBanksWWE, That's that EMPRESS OFFENSE.#SummerSlam @WWEAsuka, A little insurance for The BO#SummerSlam @SashaBanksWWE @itsBayleyWWE, In other words, this match was a warmup for the Asuka versus Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Championship. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt defeated Braun Strowman in a car crash of a Falls Count Anywhere match to win the Universal Championship. return false; McIntyre would get frustrated, and Orton would take advantage. 'Vendor Screen Body Text': 'Vous pouvez configurer vos réglages indépendamment pour chaque partenaire listé ci-dessous. } var elem = document.createElement('script'); text-align: left !important; Daniel Van Boom. background-color: #0097D7 !important; Site officiel de l'Olympique de Marseille. .qc-cmp-ui .qc-cmp-table-header, The Fiend hit him with another uranage and two Sister Abigails to win the title. .qc-cmp-link { Trump wants to throw out 238K Wis. ballots. SmackDown airs on Fridays. CHS Marksmanship Badge 2018+ 2020 Palm Bay Magnet HS Sporter Air Rifle Postal; Granbury High School MCJROTC Postal 30 Sep 2020-22; Postal Match 1 - US Army JROTC Area 11 ; Postal match 2 - US Army JROTC Area 11; November 2020 Air Pistol Postal; November 2020 Air … color: #0097D7 !important; Group stage - Matchday 1 . color: #0097D7 !important; Vous trouverez une description de chacun des objectifs sur la façon dont nos partenaires et nous-mêmes utilisons vos données personnelles. iframe = document.createElement('iframe'); /*-->*/. .teaser-offer__header .field--name-field-media img { } if (typeof __cmp.a === 'undefined') { PARIS SPORTIFS NetBet ZEbet PMU Winamax Betclic Unibet. } We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. [CDATA[// >