Denn wenn ich den Raum mit der Mauer betrete fixieren Esbern und Delphine irgendeinen Gegner an. ; Talk to Esbern. Let's see what we have. 5 years ago | 16 views. She still did not have her torch. I too am playing on Xbox. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Lost Esbern on the Alduin's Wall quest, any solutions to this? Force followers to appear where forbidden? ; Talk to Esbern. The issue was that even if she had a torch in hand outside the temple (tried it day and night) as soon as she stepped inside the temple it would unequip. Look, here is Alduin. (Spoilers)". Does anyone have a fix? I was getting the issue where Esbern wouldn't talk about the wall. He's standing next to the wall and he won't start saying anything he stands there and if I talk to him he just says it's amazing isn't it? Alduin's Wall starts after speaking to Esbern in A Cornered Rat. Hope this helps someone. Thanks for the quick answer, but I already fixed it.. just waited 24 hours. Retrace your steps back through the Ratway, through the Ragged Flagon, and out to Riften. I'm on Xbox as well. I ran into this annoying bug twice on Xbox One, with Delphine not moving from the door. The Dragonborn may travel with Delphine and Esbern, or meet them at the Karthspire. I ran into a different type of bug. You get “Alduin's Wall” after completing the quest ... Esbern explains that there is a Wall which contains everything the Blades knew of Alduin. Arriving in Karthspire or meeting up at the entrance to the Karthspire camp, the group will encounter a number of leveled Forsworn and a Hagraven. I am directly in front of Alduin's Wall, Esbern had lit the coals on his side of the wall (Delphine lights the other and they're supposed to meet in the center but she's a "no show") ... but if anyone else is playing skyrim for the first time, and has this bug, and is playing on the PC version, I know how to easily fix this. Found Esbern, picked him up from his little hovel in the warrens and then it was my job (my duty even) to escort him to Delphine across the dangerous landscape of Skyrim. All rights reserved. Got them both at the wall but Esbern wont do anything except say its amazing isnt it is the any mod I can get to fix it on xbox one? I cannot figure out how to progress. She should be lighting the braziers and joining Esbern at Alduin's Wall. “Alduin's Wall” is the tenth Main Story Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 10:06. THis is my 7th skyrim character made and the first 6 all went fine (minus Esbern, who bugs out everytime) and got me to eventually meet Paarthurnax. The second time, after reading all these suggestions, I traveled back to my home near White Run, slept for 48 hours, and returned. GameBreaking Bug on Alduin's Wall (Spoilers) Esbern is stuck looking at a wall, in combat mode. Yep, disabling USSEP fix the said bug for me. 1. So she couldn't light the sconces going up the stairs or the final one at the wall that allows Esbern to say his bit. © Valve Corporation. I have the door that requires the blood seal opened, but Esbern and Delphine will not follow me into the room with Alduin's Wall in it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Skyrim Walkthrough Part 27 - Alduin's Wall. assuming they are both there, Delphine at the entrance, Esbern at the wall, click on them in counsel mode and type........... { <0001D4EC> <1> ] you enter skyheaven temple with no brackets. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Delphine was standing next to Esbern. I ran into this annoying bug twice on Xbox One, with Delphine not moving from the door. "Esbern may not complete examination of Alduin's Wall. She should be lighting the braziers and joining Esbern at Alduin's Wall. ... Esbern: Alduin's Wall was where the ancient Blades recorded all they knew of Alduin and his return. That instantly got her moving. Gain entrance to Sky Haven Temple. Make your way out of the Ratway by the way you came, avoiding or defeating the Thalmor agents and … The famous Alduin's Wall bug where Delphine and Esbern won't move, with tons and tons of people asking for help on the internet and none ever got an answer. Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. During the journey, the hero can be attacked by a dragon and a Hagraven. SOLUTION 1: If you have mods, use the Cheat Room Silent Kill Spell on Delphine, then Resurrect her. I have had this same problem in two consecutive play-throughs. Playing next. Alduin’s Wall Bug So I’m on the quest Alduins wall and have entered sky haven temple and esbern is just standing at the wall with his torch out and Delphine is at the bottom of the stairs were the exit is with her arms crossed and none of them are moving so the quest won’t progress. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. SOLUTION 1: If you have mods, use the Cheat Room Silent Kill Spell on Delphine, then Resurrect her. Esbern: Yes, yes. Force them both to equip a torch by using the counsel cammand [ ~ ]. Thanks anyways! Hi all, I am in the middle of playing the the new Special Edition and I just got to the Alduin's Wall quest. I found the Bug. Okay, so im at alduins wall and go into the cave. When I went in the temple he was stuck in the wall at the entrance. Did you kill all the enemies in Karthspire? You'll most likely find them at the end of the dungeon. Download cheat room and use the cheat options and cheat spell kill all in option 6. This panel goes back to the beginning of time, when Alduin and the Dragon Cult ruled over Skyrim. Gain entrance to Sky Haven Temple. I waited an hour and it fixed it but Delphine was missing so I went in the previous room, waited an hour, went back into the other room and she was there and Esbern was talking about the wall, All I did what download the cheat room. delphine is stuck too. Skyrim - Main Quest 10 - Alduin's Wall From the The Ratway in Riften , it is necessary to travel with Esbern back to Riverwood so he can meet with Delphine. Resurrect esbern and delphine and the quest continues. Detailed Walkthrough Blades Reunited. Browse more videos. When I go into the cave, I fight those guys inside but esbern and delphine are no where to be found. The objective of the journey is Karthspire and our guide also explains how to solve all the puzzles in that location. Report. I encountered a total of 3 dragons on this road to alduin's wall where they both made funny moves, just try and look for any of the two which you lost on this path from riverwood to rorikstead to broken tower redoubt. Ich habe alle Räume abgesucht aber nichts gefunden, selbst Auraflüstern hat … Well where you have to put in the code thing in to bring the bridge down, esbern and delphine are standing there. Maybe try going upstairs and outide to see if there's a Dragon? Esbern is stuck looking at a wall, in combat mode. Everything you need to know: I'm playing the Xbox 360, so no, I cannot use console commands I had discovered Karthspire camp and Sky Haven temple before doing the main quest and had already solved the puzzle. You see, here he is falling from the sky. Like a few other people have suggested the fix was disabling the USSEP. Go down to the secret room where Esbern will divulge our next plan: to go see Alduin's Wall. Killing all of the Forsworn before entering Sky Haven Temple should avoid this entirely. I've gotten to the Sky Haven Temple, and Esbern follows me in and starts the dialog about the wall. This page of the guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features the walkthrough for the initial part of the main quest Alduin's Wall. SOLUTION 2: Try the Quest Debugger mod to move the quest forward. Skyrim: The Race To Alduin Ep.17 - Off To SOME RANDOM WALL! Skyrim alduin's wall bug. at Karthspire Camp you will have to fight some Fornsworn and most likely a dragon. They say that the Dragonborn must go to Alduin's Wall, which is in Karthspire, located in Sky Haven Temple. Set her to kills me then brought her back to life and the game continued without the blazers being lit. Gets vital NPC:s out of locked positions regularly, I find. Be careful with this and be sure you know what you're doing first. Note: The lower wooden bridge continues up the hill to the other side … It explains the use of a special shout in the language of the Voice, 'Dragonrend'. To get this fixed i had to go back to an older save soni lost my enchanted deadric armor but i still had all meterials just not the stats. Escort Esbern to Riverwood. I try talking to them, pushing them with a dragon shout, but nothing happens. This wall is found in Sky Haven Temple, which becomes the headquarters of the Blades on the arrival of Delphine and Esbern. (NOTE:If Delphine is Protected/Essential) get the mod that allows you to use the Amulet of Arkay to change an NPC's Essential/Protected status). yeah, those two are a pain. Issue #28861: Alduin's Wall bug - Delphine stuck and won't light the braziers (And how to fix it!!) He moves to the corner, but then just get's stuck. Esbern should be staring at the wall and the lady should be walking around muttering about how … no enemies can be seen in the compass. I went to Arngeir anyway to learn the shout, just in case, and there's no new dialogue. Delphine would step inside the temple but wouldn't move up the stairs. For some reason Esbern stands in front of the panel and Delphine on the stairs in the temple and won't seem to move. Delphine stands at the first fire basin, as Esbern goes up to the fire basin near the "wall" The script is bugged in that neither will equip a torch to light the basin. nothing much i can do, tried a lot. And I can't continue the story and I'm also on Xbox. After Esbern finished talking and I talked with Delphine, the next quest never started. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, GameBreaking Bug on Alduin's Wall (Spoilers). Detailed Walkthrough [] Blades Reunited []. Bug: Esbern may get stuck in the book animation at the beginning of the quest. Skyrim alduin's wall bug. Nothing else I tried worked. If you wait for a long time (10+ hours), this may reset their stance and they will continue up the stairs, however it does not appear to work every time. Hallöchen, ich will jetzt endlich mal die Hauptquest von Skyrim abschließen komme aber bei Alduins Mauer nicht weiter.