8th Floor Gems – Luigi’s Mansion 3 ... Gameplay Tags: 9f complete gameplay, 9f guide luigis mansion 3 Leave a comment on 9F Unnatural History Museum Complete Gameplay How to beat the dinosaur skeleton – Luigi’s Mansion 3 9th Floor Unnatural History Museum Walkthrough. Luigis Mansion 3; Switch; Luigi's Mansion 3: All Gems - Gem Location Maps For Every Floor. They each have their own weaknesses that you need to exploit if you want to get the better of them. Use the door on the left to exit onto the balcony. It then continues north until it reaches the exhibit hall and where the boss fight takes place. Luigi's Mansion 3 Gems Guide Pt.1: All Gems Floors B1F to 8F. The Unnatural History Museum is the 9th floor. The next gem can be found in the weight room. In Luigi's Mansion 3 there are 102 gems, 6 on every floor. Luigi's Mansion 3 - 9F All Gem Locations. A floor-by-floor guide to all 102 gems hidden in Luigi’s latest game. Check out our Gem Guide to find out exactly where their locations are. Here's where all the Boos in Luigi's Mansion 3 are, how to get them, and what you get once you clear them all out. Luigi's Mansion 3: B1 Gem Locations. This Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boo Locations Guide will show you all the locations where you can find the Boo enemies. These gems are so elusive and require players to collect all gems to complete the whole story. 9F Gem Locations. Each area has six gems, each one a different color, and collecting all 102 gems in the game gets you a special cosmetic upgrade for Luigi. White Gem. Here's where you can find every Secret Boo in the game. Luigi's Mansion 3 is a game in the Luigi's Mansion series for the Nintendo Switch.Unlike previous games in the series, the game takes place in a haunted hotel rather than an actual mansion. You’ll need to unlock certain abilities before you’ll be able to collect some of these gems, so you may have to come back later on in the game. There is a total number of 102 gems in the game. There’s a desk outside the elevator, vacuum the chair to spin it, ... Once you've collected all 102 Gems in Luigi's MAnsion 3, head back to the Lab. In this guide, we will help you walk-through how to get Super Suction in Luigi’s Mansion 3. When you’ve reached Floor 12 in Luigi’s Mansion 3, E. Gadd will call you using the Virtual B-00. Now that you've gotten your hands on Luigi's most recent adventure and are working on taking down the troublesome spooks infesting the Last Resort hotel, you might have found that Luigi's Mansion 3's bosses can be pretty tricky to beat. There are six collectible gems on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. It is the third Luigi's Mansion game in the main series, developed by Next Level Games.The game is 6.3 GB in file size, though more with downloadable content (DLC). Ug is a boss who appears in Luigi's Mansion 3. How to Get Super Suction. 1 Physical Appearance 2 Combat 2.1 Phases 1 and 2 2.2 Phase 3 2.3 Final Phase 3 Gallery Ug makes his first appearance when Luigi makes his way into the museum. In this game, Luigi has given the new ghost hunting tools You can find the second part of this guide here: Luigi's Mansion 3 Gems Guide: All Gems Floors 9F to 15F. There are a total of 102 gems scattered across the 17th floor of the Luigi’s Mansion. If so, it's most definitely possible to break the glass without Toad. The floor starts off by splitting into two west and eastward, and then rejoins a little bit more north. Updated November 1, 2019. Luigi’s Mansion 3 5F All Gem Locaitons – RIP Suites RIP Suites white gem #1 location. You’ll need to unlock certain abilities before you’ll be able to collect some of these gems, so you may have to come back later on in the game. Welcome to Neoseeker's Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthrough and guide. Boo are invisible ghosts that only reveal themselves when you use Luigi’s Dark Light. The Luigi's Mansion 3 gem locations are sometimes easy to spot but hard to actually get to, so you may need a little help heading in the right direction. Up the stars is a sign throw a soccer ball at it for the gem. These are one of the hidden materials that you need to discover in Luigi’s Mansion 3 game. We will detail their exact location and in the exact room that you can find them in. You should find a makeup bag in the bathroom, use the plunger to grab it and break it open. The last gem on this floor can be found in the elevator hall. Gem, Gems! There are six collectible gems on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, there are a ton of collectibles to found around the hotel that include hidden Boos lurking around the haunted rooms. A gem will pop out. In this guide, I’ll show you where to find all six gems on the 9F floor and tell you how to get your hands on them. How you catch boos hasn't changed much since Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The 4F of the Final Resort is called The Great Stage. But as you vacuum up chunks of change, you'll also come across hidden gems of different colors and shapes. Luigi's Mansion 3 is simply stuffed with collectibles -- most of them cash. Our Luigi’s Mansion 3 gem locations guide continues as we reach three more floors — the Unnatural History Museum, the Boilerworks, and the Tomb Suites.. Launch it at the display case in the southwest corner to break the glass. You can also find the boos from the Super Mario Bros. hidden in every corner. 3-minute read. Basement B1 Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are collectibles that you can get if you look hard enough and have the correct tools. Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 14F Gem Locations – Collected All The Dance Hall Gems On floor fourteen of the hotel you will find an area called The Dance Hall.