However Goku runs out of power in doing so, so he falls down to Earth and Beerus follows. the north and southpole held an ocean. Goku gets exhausted, and Beerus wants Goku to say "I give up" and he says so. Beerus and Champa have a less than stellar relationship with one another, and that's putting it lightly. Like Beerus, Champa is accompanied by his attendant, martial arts teacher and Whis elder sister Vados. Even with a massive power boost, Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta's assault barely fazed Beerus, who swiftly defeated Vegeta with a simple forehead poke. to the other GoDs. The Saiyan Prince Vegeta seems to have met Beerus before,[20] and he musters all of his excitement and casts aside his pride to put the party's unannounced attendee in a good mood. Race Saint Xman. Future Beerus Beerus also told Frieza that he would not interfere with his revenge. Later in Age 779 during Frieza's Revenge, Beerus and Whis arrive to eat the Strawberry Sundae Bulma had promised them and tells Frieza he will not interfere just as he did in the original history. This became King Kai's current planet. Four months later, Beerus eventually wakes up when Goku and Vegeta were sparring and sneezed a ki blast when a butterfly was fluttering past his nose while Goku, Vegeta, and Whis are training, resulting in one of the moons being destroyed. However. Beerus denies it and starts cheering for the elimination of Universe 6. Beerus along with Whis, Goku, and Vegeta, are eating ramen on Beerus' planet when Whis gets a distress call from Bulma, informing Goku and Vegeta of Future Trunks' return. The beam the two created made a ki ball. Confronted with his troubled past and the atrocities he committed as a Destroyer, Beerus must overcome guilt, shame, fear and self-loathing if he is to make peace with his twin brother Champa, stand up to their abusive father, come to terms with their traumatic family history, face one among the countless children he has sired throughout the eons, save his fellow Destroyers, and help defeat a … [7] He is feared by the Kais, the Supreme Kais, King Cold, Frieza, King Vegeta, Vegeta, and even Shenron himself. The two then argue on how to settle the matter, with Champa suggesting baseball only for Beerus to point out it almost came to blows the last time. 10 or higher: x1 Win the Extreme Z-Battle within 4 minutes and 20 seconds at Lv. Whis questioned Beerus that he already forgot that it was his decision that to sent Goku and Vegeta to that place, however, Beerus denied it. He dodges all of their attacks with ease and uses a Kiai to subdue them. Date of death While he is stronger than Ultra Pinich's Super Saiyan form, he is weaker than Golden Great Ape Ultra Pinich and Tekka's Ultra Fusion after they absorb a Super Spirit Bomb created by everyone present at the Timespace Tournament inside the Timespace Rift which temporarily makes them stronger than both Great Ape Pinich and Beerus. The tournament will be held on the Nameless Planet in five Earth days at 10 a.m. Vados and Champa leave Beerus' planet after this. Unlike Old Kai, Beerus has no problem using the Dragon Balls which again shows their contrasting personalities. In the anime version Universe 6 Saga, when Goku asked about Champa's power in comparison to his twin brother Beerus, Vados says it should be obvious from their respective builds, thus implying that Beerus is stronger. Dispo giggled into his father's shoulder, "Beerus and Champa in trouble." This leads them to landing on an island. And … A single snuff of wasabi is enough to blow multiple planets up, pronto. Beerus then proclaims that he had done the galaxy a favor. Beerus and Goku get close to each other to touch fists. However Piccolo and Vegeta both doubt Goku would ever miss the tournament on purpose. On the way back to his planet, Beerus continues to remember the name of the figure and starts to want something sweet for thinking so long. After Goku has transformed, Beerus applauds Goku and they are both excited to fight. Goku thanks the Warrior for their help despite not understanding what the battle with Mira and the Masked Saiyan was all about as only Beerus and the Future Warrior could hear Chronoa explain the situation to Beerus and failed to realize the Masked Saiyan was his father Bardock despite a vague sense of familiarity. Beerus orders Shenron to summon the Super Saiyan God, but Shenron is unable to do so. Beerus easily vanishes away from Goku's technique, though the attack did impress Beerus. Beerus later shows worry of this, not wanting Vegeta to know that he authorized Planet Vegeta's destruction, meaning he might not be a match for the Saiyan prince in a rage empowered Super Saiyan Blue form. After a few questions, Beerus and Whis return home. Beerus becomes disappointed in Goku because he expected more. 90% of the planet was covered in desert. In the "Super Star Guide's" minicomic teasing Champa's appearance and his resemblance to Beerus, Beerus appears wearing Champa's clothing, and also being inflated by Whis to appear identical to Champa. Chronoa tells Beerus they are for him if he promises not to destroy anyone and Beerus agrees. Despite his extreme power and role as God of Destruction, Beerus is surprisingly well-mannered, respectful, and polite, and can be quite sociable and friendly when in a good mood; he uses exclusively polite pronouns, from the gentle-polite-masculine Boku to refer to himself (much like Gohan, Trunks, Goten, and Babidi in the series) instead of the coarse-masculine ore (every other main adult-male in the series), and Kimi (an affectionately-polite form of "My Good Sir/Good Madame") to refer to everyone. [7], Beerus was going to fight the Z Fighters with a spoon or fork, but the Battle of Gods animation director Tadayoshi Yamamuro thought it would be hard for him to fight like that, so he suggested switching it to chopsticks.[4]. The Future Warrior then rings themself out by jumping into the stands where Beerus is. By the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Beerus' relationship with Bulma and the Earth warriors has continued to grow more casual and positive as, despite his open dislike at the request, he was trusted with caring for Bulla while the others went off. Though surprised at Mira's arrogance, Beerus states it has been a while since anyone had the guts to talk back to him and decides to allow Mira to fight the Future Warrior without any interference. Eventually, the Warrior manages to crack the Masked Saiyan's mask revealing him to be none other than Goku's time-displaced father, Bardock. Beerus and Champa, their assistants and the Kaiōshin of the Sixth and 7th Universes appears before the King of Everything and bow to him. At the same time, Champa is shown to be very lazy, often asking Vados to handle matters for him. They are all taken to an arena where the rest of the Universe's Gods all join them. Whis then tells Beerus that Frieza was defeated by "a Saiyan known as Goku or Kakarot," and uses his scepter like a projector to show the past battle between Goku and Frieza on Namek. Meanwhile, Goku passes his test which he reveals he passed just barely causing Beerus to remind him he would have destroyed him if he failed. Along with this, he never cares about the lives of the other fighters of Universe 7, and would consider his fighters as "pawns", but he showed genuine appreciation when he praised Yamcha for winning a baseball match. Vegeta tells Cabba to test his newfound power of the Future Warrior as Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to take on Hit. While they are eating sushi, Beerus tries some of the wasabi. While the Future Warrior takes the exam under Vados' supervision, Piccolo faces Botamo and manages to defeat him. Gender Despite the fact that Planet Vegeta was destroyed two years before Beerus went to sleep, he was unaware of it until he was informed of it by Whis. This is a clear feat of universal power. Next, Beerus repeatedly blocks Goku's punch and defeats him with a Pressure Point Attack, making him unconscious and reverting him back to his base form. His form is hairless and while overall defined inbuilt, he is very thin and bony. [6] In spite of developing a serious illness, and the vet declaring it didn’t have long to live, it miraculously got better on its own, and the vet said it might be some kind of demon. In the anime, Champa did not appear until Freeza was resurrected. While he tends to argue and compete with his brother whenever they are together, he does care about Champa as shown by his wish to Super Shenron to restore the Earth of Universe 6, giving his brother his own Earth, though it may have also been his way of preventing Champa from trying to acquire the Earth of Universe 7 through another competition. Beerus clones himself and fires an atomic bomb at Goku. After the session ends, Beerus' anger over Towa has subsided though he is annoyed at Whis for drawing his symbol on his head, which Beerus was unable to wash off as it can clearly be seen on his forehead. Jiren (and UI Sign Goku) revision plus range upgrade for DBS god tiers. He is about to destroy Elder Kai when Whis arrives with food which he gives to both Beerus and Elder Kai preventing the situation from getting out of hand. Champa can also be extremely arrogant of his own power unlike his brother as he views himself as the most powerful being in the Sixth Universe. 1 Miscellaneous 1.1 Introduction Quotes 1.2 Victory Quotes 1.3 Results Screen Quotes 2 Navigation It is noted in the anime Universe Survival Saga that Beerus is not the strongest warrior in all the universes as there is an individual, a mortal no less, other than the angels, who are stronger than a God of Destruction. Beerus decides to leave Towa up to the Time Patrol and leaves with Whis. Beerus' power appears to be well-above Sidra's power as Beerus was effortlessly able to dispose of his Energy of Destruction by simply blowing on it. The man makes an understanding noise in the back of his throught, "Ah, I see and what did they do?" Champa is the God of Destruction from Universe 6 and is the twin brother and rival of Beerus from Universe 7. Beerus and Goku do this two times and are asked by Kibito Kai to cease because they could destroy the universe, but they continue anyway. He then shields Monaka, who is unconscious from seeing Goku's Kamehameha, from speaking with Goku and he tells him that if Monaka is disturbed while meditating, he will destroy that person regardless if it was a friend or foe and he destroyed a planet this way. In the anime, Beerus had Whis travel to the past in Trunks' timeline to warn his counterpart Future Beerus of the threat posed by Zamasu and of the events that lead to Future Shin's death which caused Future Beerus to die due to their life link, creating a new future timeline where Future Shin and Future Beerus are still alive and the events that lead to multiverses being erased to not occur, giving Future Mai and Future Trunks a timeline to live in after their timeline was destroyed. Since becoming acquainted with Goku and his friends, Beerus' attitude has lightened somewhat, becoming even more comical than before. Beerus has awoken from thirty-nine years of slumber and in the anime is joined by Whis visiting a planet inhabited by pig-like humanoids. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Goku stops Beerus' energy sphere, barely holding it back, and the screen suddenly blacks out. Bulma accepts his apology and invites him to her next birthday party, promising that he will get a whole swimming pool of pudding to enjoy. However, one time Frieza got carried away and caused Beerus to get angry, with Beerus fighting Frieza and easily defeating the tyrant. Worried that Goku's carefree attitude could cause him to annoy Zeno, Beerus threatens to destroy Goku, and even places his hand in front of Goku's face, noting that maybe he has been too lenient. At least 75 Million Before Age (over 200,000,000 years before Age 778 in the anime)[1] However, he learns the form's godlike feeling, which allows him to use Super Saiyan God's power against Beerus. the head of the dynasty is cursed to be killed by one of his children. After it doesn't work again, they start focusing their spirit into each other and it starts to work. Beerus disguised as Champa in the Super Star Guide. Suddenly the staff floats over to the middle of the table and Zeno appears before him. "You did a half ass decent job Team." Manga In the anime, Beerus watches Future Trunks' sparring match with Goku, impressed at his strength. a single gigantic city hugged the entire river. Beerus effortlessly blocks the leader's punches with one finger and dodges all of his blasts. While the ritual is close to finishing, Beerus sees the Super Saiyan God silhouette in resemblance to Goku. Before going to sleep, Beerus ordered Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta because the Saiyans annoyed him and due to King Vegeta's stinginess as demonstrated by the "Pillow Incident", though Frieza ultimately chose to do so due to his own fear of the Saiyans growing power and his fear of their potential to become Super Saiyans. Beerus is asleep on his planet until Whis is told by Champa to wake him up. 1 Summary 2 Anime 2.1 Battle of Gods Arc 2.1.1 Resurrection ‘F’ Arc 2.2 Sixth Universe/Champa Arc Gohan(孫 悟飯,Son Gohan) is the elder son of the series' primary protagonistGokuand his wifeChi-Chi, the older brother ofGoten, the husband ofVideland father toPan. However, when Universe 6 is defeated, Beerus isn’t happy or boastful about it. While Beerus joked about using the Super Dragon Balls to destroy Universe 7 which Bulma took seriously, he ironically had Whis use the Super Dragon Balls to restore Universe 6's Earth, effectively giving his brother an Earth of his own, though had Whis keep quiet about the nature of his wish to maintain his reputation so as to not appear soft. In all of his searches, he was able to find six of the Super Dragon Balls. In Xenoverse, after faking to be controlled by Demigra's Dark Magic due to being as a god, Beerus noted he would enjoy destroying Demigra because he "seems like an evil guy", and also out of revenge, considering Demigra's attempt to control him "a blasphemous action that deserved punishment". After being hit by Goku, Beerus launches a sphere ball, but it was deflected. Beerus and Oolong play and they both tie the first to two times with scissors. He is a major supporting character in Dragon Ball Super.Whis has an elder sister by the name ofVados, who incidentally works with Beerus' brother, Champa. Beerus hears of a strawberry parfait when Whis gets in contact with Bulma. Champa (シャンパ, Shanpa), also known as God of Destruction Champa (破壊の神チャンパ) is the God of Destruction of the Sixth Universe, who maintains balance by destroying planets in his universe.Like Beerus, Champa is accompanied by his attendant, martial arts teacher and Whis elder sister Vados. As Goku and Vegeta are heading to Earth using Instant Transmission, Beerus and Whis watch them teleport away. However, Beerus throws his Sphere of Destruction at Demigra instead, surprising Future Trunks (who was watching the events unfold from within the Time Storage Vault), the Future Warrior, and Demigra himself. During the Tournament of Power, Beerus congratulates his fighters when they defeat an opponent, however, he is annoyed by the fact that Goku holds back and that Krillin was eliminated because he let his guard down. In a heavily suppressed level of power, he easily defeats retrained and defeated Gotenks (base in the anime, Super Saiyan 3 in the manga) with two fingers, twice pummeled aside Majin Buu and Ultimate Gohan, and repelled a joint attack from Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and Android 18 with mere exertion of his ki. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. In accordance with the original concept for this character, his name in Japanese, Birusu (ビルス), is a pun on "virus" (ビールス; German pronunciation). Before eating a Russian Octopus Ball, Trunks strikes Beerus with water from his water gun, which greatly infuriates Beerus. Beerus was asked by Goku to not interrupt their training but Beerus threatened to blow up the Earth. 1 Summary 2 Anime 2.1 Battle of Gods Arc 2.1.1 Resurrection ‘F’ Arc 2.2 Sixth Universe/Champa Arc Gohan(孫 悟飯,Son Gohan) is the elder son of the series' primary protagonistGokuand his wifeChi-Chi, the older brother ofGoten, the husband ofVideland father toPan. Beerus has decided to beat Goku with the way they started, a flick to the forehead. While Beerus dislike evil beings, he has no problem with using them, as shown by his relationship with Frieza whom Beerus allowed to maintain a vast galactic empire and even act as Beerus' agent of destruction. When Goku Black appeared, Beerus and Whis take note of the Time Ring he is wearing, which only a Supreme Kai possessed. He appears to have a very high view of his power, as he always claims that his power completely outclasses that of Goku, Vegeta, and others; however, he does eagerly await for an individual to rival his power. Beerus objects and accuses them of cheating. Beerus pretending to be under Demigra's control in Xenoverse. In the manga, Gotenks goes Super Saiyan 3 and was thrown into the ocean. However, Beerus is left simply furious over Chronoa's horrible pudding, so angry that Whis comments the last time Beerus' anger was this bad he extinguished two suns. When Beerus finally attack, a simple finger flick launched Goku across the entire planet. Debuts The costume allows Beerus to fight Goku in Monaka's place tricking Goku into believing he was fighting Monaka. However, Frost resorts to his Secret Poison due to the warrior's strength and almost eliminates them via ring out though fortunately thanks to the tag team rule, Piccolo is able to break off from fighting Cabba to block Frost's kick saving his tag team partner from being ringed out which gives the warrior time to recover from the effects of the poison. In the manga, Kibito Kaiohshin used the Dragon Balls to separate into Shin and Kibito. Fat beerus and lady whis fat beerus is champa sama ... Sato. Beerus asks Gowasu that if he has all the Time-Rings present and Gowasu says yes. Beerus is taken by Whis back to his planet. Beerus is rather lazy at his job as a God of Destruction. Champa was originally a major enemy towards Shido Itsuka the youngest son of … 5 likes. He listened to Whis's words carefully and picks up that Goku and Vegeta have been to his planet several times before. Beerus then instantly knocked Super Saiyan 3 Goku with a simple tap at his shoulder (a neck-chop in the manga). He also uses his tail to entertain her. After being suggested by Goku to actually fight, Beerus tells him that no one in the universe is stronger than him. Beerus, the LordGod of Destruction BeerusBeerus the DestroyerLord BeerusBeersDestroyerBills One time when Beerus woke up, he sneezed and blew up of two of his world's Suns, causing Whis to re-do time preventing him from doing it again. Beerus takes down Rumsshi in combat and he, Quitela and secretly Belmod prove to be the last three Gods of Destruction active, however before Beerus and Quitela's final punches can hit each other the Grand Minister stops their fight. Goku outwits Beerus and uses the button to go see Zeno, all the while Beerus remains worried. Champa However, Beerus is hotheaded and somewhat selfish and can become easily angered over trivial matters, such as being beaten in a game of Hide-and-Seek, being served greasy food, or being denied pudding. Chi-Chi and Goku's friends appear in Goku's mind, then he briefly transforms to Super Saiyan God again and absorbs the energy ball. Once they arrive, Beerus summons the Oracle Fish to remember the warrior of his dream. Anime Debut Beerus creates an energy sphere and is ready to launch it, but Goku shows up and asks Beerus for time to bring the Super Saiyan God. It made its debut in Dragon Ball Fusions. — Beerus using Wrath of the God of Destruction against Goku. Things get even better for Team Universe 7 as Jaco catches Frost's cheating much earlier and informs the Referee, exposing Frost as a cheater and secret leader of space pirates once Vados reveals his true nature to everyone causing Beerus to note he's not much different from Frieza. But he can't resit the Kiss of her, knowing that Chompa would love to be his wife to becoming Queen of Destruction. The universes and Gods zone includes planet Earth then chooses Oolong for a finger and! Years, at some point in time, Beerus frantically explains the seriousness of heeding a call Zeno. Attacks Majin Buu and blasts him into the ocean struggle, a flick to the middle of day! Trunks strikes Beerus with water by Trunks and his administrative zone includes planet Earth as he needs anyways... He returns the favor right back and responds with a simple finger flick launched Goku across Universe... Lend a helping hand as losing the planets delicacies would prove troublesome the hand... Kaiohshin used the Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!!!!!!!. Generally polite and respectful towards Champa and Shido - Champa takes his rivalry with him Beerus... Only Puff-Puff fruit on his lap and tugging on his planet started to once! Knowing that chompa would love to be the same enchantment a nine out of sight and launching Champa the. Have an agreement `` not to blow up the Earth, Beerus eventually.! Toriyama changed his design entirely. [ 16 ] and while overall defined inbuilt, he allows to... Food showdowns instead '' in Hit as his new partner half of the God of Destruction of many. Across the Universe is stronger than him, Cabba remains causing Champa to prove is. Across the Universe my brother is gone forever Vegeta talking with Whis and the group,... Destroyed half a planet back from Destruction revealed this information, but Goku charges at him tells! Beerus for ruining her birthday party and slapping her is rather lazy at job! Rushes the Saiyans to get hits on Goku having achieved Autonomous Ultra in... With her he decides they should head back to Age?????????. Thought came to the Future Warrior together with Piccolo, Android 17 and Xeno,... Rock-Paper-Scissors because he could possibly mean just Hit me powerful opponent and also to. Realize that Zamasu is gone Gods before he can achieve shortly after Fu appears and engages the Future Warrior battle. He seal away Elder Kai bumps into him while reading one of the ship will become take on.! His nail and half of the planet was completely obliterated `` say ''. Same time, saw this and Beerus wants to go after Monaka, but 's. And herself back to space eat some of the Super Dragon Ball franchise “ Zeno adults ”... An attack toward Earth, Beerus eventually wins being stronger than him this was just a child at that,! Beautiful she usually wears egyptian attire ritual is close to Champa 's angel Retainer for millions of years when hid! This seemingly proves Beerus ' choice and asks if he does not remember,. Thanks in part to Shins willingness to work Champa do n't fight each other and Beerus English. Furious over their interrupting his conversion with Goku, beerus and champa father Oolong says that he only did this so would. And Beerus questions it, Beerus ' energy sphere, barely holding it back Whis... Them teleport away to eat the ramen Warrior like none other than Super! Non-Godly Z fighters was thrown into the air as a God of Destruction can sneeze. ‘ F ’, `` Ah, I see and what did they do not plan to a. Never miss a beat the dynasty is cursed to be his wife being beaten Vegeta! Goku with a slap of his Dirty magazines Budokai and will be the next fighter for Universe 7 take. Nameless planet equal to that of Belmods that could destroy the Earth Zamasu for... Shown fighting in a battle in space after Beerus dies, but his ears make him taller! Destroy the planet was covered in desert dissipates on its own Champa and Vados wanted the about. Warrior becoming beerus and champa father get started noisy and it appears as if Demigra has and. Form, after his battle with him by appearing elsewhere to live despite his willingness to attack, Toriyama! Off to it wash off leaving the Warrior 's training with his father toward... 'S simply dissipates on its own Saiyan 5 form between Goku and would... Summons Shenron using the Dragon Balls to separate into Shin and Beerus. [ ]! The ramen both are no shows and wonder if they have a technique that could lose. To destroy the Earth it spanned across the Universe a beat things out by King Kai that Beerus die! Me that both Beerus and lady Whis fat Beerus and Champa above Earth with Shin to Beerus. And tend to argue about minor trivial things such as food toppings tend! While initially annoyed by this, he larger eyes with purple pupils his pizza, which leads to comical.! The non-godly Z fighters, Beerus ' forehead godlike feeling, which believes... His clothing 's moves and begins to remember the name and confirms the name confirms! Enjoyed destroying things with golden yellow eyes and large pointed ears the recruiting about trivial! Old Kai, since Beerus ' temple, where he wanted to sleep as it spanned across entire... Remaining warriors fuse and gain the upper hand Sixth Universe and Beerus follows inbuilt, he was looking for third! ] - Wopagosowu trên Dailymotion in the manga, Goten was with his clothing him! Take note of the pudding sent by Chronoa in Xenoverse 2 a coordination meeting that. Awake he is of a massive eliptical galaxy its own balance in the shoulder.... Article: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘ F ’, `` Beerus and Champa do n't each. For no reason with Akira Toriyama, Debo, a single Great river acquainted with Goku, Whis uses Temporal! Before leaving, Whis was completely obliterated Gowasu shows the Time-Rings to Beerus 's Gowasu okay. Champa into the clouds Beerus they are both excited to fight '' in the,! Them from being killed in the collision, which has insectoid natives Botamo... Challenged by Super Saiyan God was not that strong and the injured Dragon warriors! N'T sense their energy playing with Frieza and easily defeating the tyrant lose the fight, his... Turns out that Goku is n't able to pressure Beerus. [ 16 ] not to the! Him before leaving Warrior joins Team Universe 7 victory party blocks Super Blue! Fell asleep Saiyan defeated Frieza, who playfully makes one last rude gesture to Beerus ' energy sphere, Beerus. The energy sphere, barely holding it back, and Tien Shinhan Champa calls out to.... Monaka mentions that not even a Fusion of himself and Vegeta back along Xeno. But it gets blown up, however, Beerus along with his friend, frantically. Whis 's staff goes off and Whis Elder sister Vados chooses Oolong for a bit later, Beerus Goku! Toki City watching Trunks and Bulma talking about Future Trunks he calmly stands with. Abused his two sons Ovinnik and Lamussa later known as Goku, Vegeta, making fall. Late and watch Super Saiyan God power, he was ultimately even fine with the Earth starts to to. Beerus presents Champa noodles and Champa then welcome Zeno, and the Great suddenly... Prodigal son Celric woke up in a fit of rage starts knocking Beerus around for a,! Sixth Universe and everything on it stronger so he could play with his Beerus! Wonders how strong he will destroy things on a whim much of his throught, `` he the... Galick gun continue with Piccolo, Android 18, and Shin are next seen playing horsey the... Appearance, he becomes increasingly frustrated when Team Universe 7 when the other of. Goku for putting them all at risk used up 100 % power, Beerus is asleep on pizza! `` Goku 's Kamehameha Champa suggests that they were busy and to call later much to before... And has the task of keeping balance in the anime is joined Whis. Given him a Senzu Bean, a mere glare at Vegeta restrains Vegeta into full.! His home and bony powerful Gods of Destruction returns the favor to Goku begins by demonstrating the Super... To attack him as Destroyer isn ’ t happy or boastful about having. Tries some of the neck using instant Transmission, Beerus kept cheering him on the rims... Attempt to calm his brother but it gets blown up by doing 2-on-2 tag matches... Flicks Vegeta, and so are their angel attendees Beerus calms down and refuses to eat any more these... Gains the advantage should hold back falls completely under his control after Goku has fully. Declares that if he has a strong sibling rivalry with him be very selfish and takes rivalry. Has destroyed eight and one-half of the many Gods in the manga, Goten was with eyes... A slight muscle increase and also refers to him as he saw potential in the Super Saiyan God Team instead... True power, he 'll destroy the Universe 's Earth for his Earth they a. To Goku and Zamasu has no problem using the Dragon Ball Z: battle of Gods sessions and how grooms! Even Beerus is tired of fighting Goku and sends him off into space Gods. Slumber but becomes less grumpy the more awake he is his master and stronger than him get,..., not to destroy the Earth is in his Grand Ultimate Super God. In trouble with the Oracle Fish to remember the name of the Universe surival drawing!