Top projects for animal volunteer opportunities abroad: IVHQ’s 5 top types of volunteer projects to experience animal volunteering abroad: Wildlife Conservation in Victoria Falls; Wildlife Conservation in Kruger National Park, South Africa; Wild Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka; Sea Turtle Conservation in Madagascar; Veterinary Care in Tanzania Alternatively, you can join one of our animal volunteer work projects in South America or Central America. There are many different approaches to save endangered wildlife. Volunteering to participate in wildlife conservation is a great way to get involved in scientific research, promote environmental education, and gain experience working with animals. Our live chat team is happy to assist you with this! – it’s very easy to find the perfect project match for every volunteer. horses, goats, or donkeys are being mistreated and neglected by their owners as well and live in unworthy conditions. This means volunteer abroad with confidence - knowing that your volunteer work with animals and other like-minded travelers will be rewarding and life-changing. Support animal shelters You'll learn many things about the animals, who you will also meet from nearby. Take a look at the following 3 steps that will prepare you for your animal volunteer program abroad and an unforgettable adventure: Once this is sorted. in order to communicate with your project coordinators and fellow volunteers. the streets where they reproduce and add to the problem of an overflow of street animals. Opportunities range from community gardening, species surveying, caring for nature reserves, dry stone walling, hedge laying, habitat management, to running Wildlife Watch groups. When you volunteer with animals abroad you will meet a lot of different people from all over the world that share one particular interest with you: the protection and well-being of This alone is a very good reason to volunteer with animals, but of course, there are plenty more. volunteers. Today, there are many volunteer opportunities available, both locally and internationally. Often times, these programs receive very little funding and are in need of volunteers. and wants to give something back to them. Take a look at what's on offer. You requested a page that doesn't exist on this site any more. Some animal conservation projects focus on protecting the habitat of the animals while other animal volunteer work focuses on injured and rescued animals treat the animals with the necessary respect In many countries, the governments cannot provide shelters or adoption for these animals so they have to be captured and put down. that lives in the deep forests of Uganda and Rwanda. Volunteers for Wildlife offers several types of volunteer opportunities to help support our ever-growing organization. 13-15 year olds – cannot work directly with animals, but may create Kong enrichments, do laundry, wash dishes and assist with general cleaning. This could be caused by a link you followed that was out of date, by a typing in the wrong address in the address bar, or simply because the post has been deleted. care and love from volunteers as well. To give you an idea of the animal variety you could be working with, check out this list of species: Because animal protection and welfare is an important cause all over the world, there are various destinations that offer you the opportunity to volunteer with animals. You can make a change by informing locals and tourists alike about the dangers primates are facing and the conservation efforts of your project. Get in touch with your program contact person to find out if an insurance plan is already in place for volunteering with animals that live on the streets is just the right way for you to get involved. Book with confidence - added flexibility and free changes, Discover remote internships that enable you to make a difference from home, Get TEFL certified from home and upskill for a future volunteer trip, Volunteer abroad as a group of students, colleagues, friends or family, Find inspiration and expert guidance for your volunteer trip, Wildlife and Animal Care Volunteer Abroad Programs, Covid-19: program openings & flexible booking, Wildlife Conservation in Kruger National Park, South Africa, international and remote internships with Intern Abroad HQ. great opportunity for everyone who loves animals From cat cuddling to dog walking or helping out in a hospital or wildlife centre we have lots of hands-on volunteer vacancies that you could get involved with. like animal protection often spread the word amongst their friends and on social media even after their work on-site has officially ended. Whether you’re intrigued by wildlife or have a soft spot for stray animals, there are countless animal volunteer opportunities You just need to know where to begin. Volunteer Opportunities. All over the world, there are animals in need of protection, be it endangered exotic species, street dogs, neglected horses, wildlife or marine animals. We guide you through a safe and easy application process. By volunteering with animals in any place or context, you have a direct impact on the situation of the animals you are working with. The protection and welfare of all kinds of animals is an important topic that has been internationally recognized and has led to changes in hunting and trading laws as well as regulations about Get exclusive offers, program opening updates, travel inspo, volunteer stories, scholarships and competitions… Straight to your inbox! This common interest and the time you will spend working together will connect you long beyond your volunteering time abroad. 4119. Intern Abroad HQ. Volunteering with animals abroad is an amazing experience that gives you the possibility to step out of your comfort zone, forget about the daily grind, and become physically active. happy to welcome families with younger children Some of the biggest threats to the inhabitants of our rivers and oceans are: A lot of species are already affected today and are considered endangered because of their rapidly declining numbers. As a practical animal care volunteer, you will be provided with training and equipment to ensure you are able to carry out the duties without risk to your health. Are you fascinated by wild animals? Realizing that these people live with so little, yet are so thankful and happy with what they have was so humbling and life changing. In some projects, you will work directly in the habitat of wild monkeys and great To get started, please visit or contact the Sanctuary Volunteer Department at or 435-644-2001, ext. There are many different ways you can contribute to protecting animals. As the main language spoken at most projects abroad is English it is necessary for you to Get ready to volunteer abroad, we’ll support you every step of the way! This is necessary to increase their chances of surviving in the wild and not becoming victims of hunting. Experience the second largest country in the world where the next gas station is always hundreds of miles away and bears are a common sight. more dangerous animals accept volunteers from the age of 18 Volunteering with animals abroad is perfect for all you animal lovers out there who want to do something good whilst traveling! Explore our internship division, 10 reasons you need to volunteer with IVHQ, Pick a destination + project and apply for free, Meet your personal volunteer travel expert, Pay the registration fee to secure your place and upgrade your MyIVHQ account. They are mutually beneficial programs, and don’t forget about the animals who are … If you're passionate about animal welfare and conservation there are plenty of volunteering opportunities for animal lovers both at home and abroad. One of the first animal volunteer opportunities I took advantage of was on Koh Chang in Thailand.I simply Googled if there was an animal shelter on the island and came across the Koh Chang Animal Project website.. However, there are also a lot of animal sanctuaries that work with Our live chat team is here to help you find the perfect animal They thankfully Working with animals abroad during your travels or your annual holidays can be a great way to change up your daily routine and with the animals you are working with and you have a lot of love to give, Volunteering with primates is also a great way to learn more about daily work at animal sanctuaries and rescue centers. and Some of the biggest threats are: The most "famous" example of this sad development is the decline of elephants that are poached for their ivory tusks. However, Whether an out of control hoarder or dogfighting operation, or hurricane or puppy mill, animal rescue volunteers travel from all corners of the country to assist in the on-going care of dogs, cats and other animals who have been rescued from harm. You might think that you have to travel to faraway places and protect endangered wild animals to do your part, but the truth is that cats, dogs, and other pets worldwide are in dire need of My experience there was amazing and I wouldn't have changed it one bit. Join a diving and marine conservation project. the keeping of animals and animal conservation. all animals. You also know that your Volunteer to help wildlife in your local area. Volunteers 18 and over must commit to one 4-hour shift a week. If you are interested in volunteering with AWL NSW please read the volunteering opportunities available below. To prevent further damage to these endangered species and ensure their sustainable protection, you will also be working closely with coastal communities in environmental education and recycling programs. You can give your love to street animals, train them but there is no age limit upwards - as long as you are physically fit and ready for a challenge you are the perfect candidate to volunteer. The World's Largest Volunteer Abroad Comparison Platform. Kids and teen opportunities Volunteering is a great way to learn, have fun, make friends, and give back to your community. Therefore, we ideally require a commitment from you to volunteer regularly. care for injured monkeys, animals rescued from the illegal pet trade, and orphaned baby monkeys that have lost their mothers due to hunting or other accidents. If you love cats and dogs, support an animal shelter and care for abandoned pets and street animals. If you would like to volunteer with wild animals in an exotic country but you still want to have some interaction with the animals, a primate conservation project is a great animal volunteer opportunity. take every form of interaction and care they can get and you will feel it when you work with them. to give back to them, joining animal volunteer work abroad is the perfect choice for you. You get to do something that you believe in, all while giving something back to society. cause and can attract future volunteers and donations for your project. Especially for those pets that are used to living in a loving home, being abandoned and living in a shelter is a very traumatic experience. getting both health and travel insurance. Wildlife Rescue Australia operates a national 24/7 emergency call centre for the rescue of native wildlife. recovered from declining numbers thanks to specialized conservation and breeding efforts. Shiloh at the Koh Chang Animal Project. During your animal volunteer work abroad at a shelter, it is very likely that you will not only be working with IVHQ’s 5 top types of volunteer projects to experience animal volunteering abroad: Do you have a passion for conservation efforts and want to play a part in animal conservation in Africa, Asia, or Europe? One month was way to short for me. Gain knowledge about scientific research methods, zoology or veterinary medicine. that has Below are just some of the animal volunteer work opportunities working with animals worldwide that are offered in the Animal Courses Direct ebook.. For hundreds more opportunities in many Animal Welfare Organisations worldwide, please refer to the Volunteering with Animals Ebook available to purchase via this website or Amazon. You will gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the complex interactions between the different species and their habitat that lead to a balanced ecosystem. All program fees are charged directly by your volunteer organization. With IVHQ, you have the flexibility to volunteer abroad with animals for 1 week or 24 weeks, at any time of the year. protection and well-being of animals in the long run. Social projects are dependent on volunteers in many different areas of animal protection. You’ll be working in close contact with locals, so take the chance to encourage a cultural exchange. will also look great on your CV. and prepare them for adoption. Looking for a job with dogs or other animals? I really liked the program! WRA is expanding its operation and requires the services of an experienced, mature manager to process new membership applications. Do you want experience volunteering with animals, or are you seeking wildlife volunteer opportunities to support animal conservation efforts? in sanctuaries. not quite sure how to get started? Some of the jobs where they will come in handy are: So you’re ready to volunteer with animals but you’re Volunteer Ambassador and Fundraiser for Rockhampton Parvo Vaccination Program Paws For A Purpose Ltd. Rockhampton Queensland; Category: Animal Welfare Types of work: Fundraising & Events Paws for A Purpose are looking for a small team of passionate volunteers based in Rockhampton to help fundraise and raise awareness for a program currently running, that provides discounted dog … So many great people and (off course) beautiful animals. At Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, (WRR) there are many opportunities for Volunteers to learn about the hundreds of species of wildlife found in South Texas while helping them recover from injuries, illnesses, and the trauma of being orphaned. close physical contact From assisting the cats and dogs at an animal shelter to improving the lives of the lions of our Wildlife Sanctuary project in Africa, the opportunities are endless.The most popular option for animal lovers, and more specifically wildlife volunteers, is volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary. Planning your next meaningful trip with Volunteer World gives you free access to: High ethical standards & transparent social impact, Change your reservation at no extra costs, We refund your fees if your project cancels your trip, We cover your back no matter what happens. Age: 14+. The opportunities for volunteering include greeting visitors, assisting with the Sunset Safari and working in the field with Restoration Ecology. Volunteer opportunities include animal shelter caretaker (kennels, cleaning, laundry), adoption volunteer, dog walker, wellness clinic, and pet supply store. with their day-to-day duties and care for animals that are up for adoption. And not only that, chances are that you also There are many primate shelters and centers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that If you want to have The Seattle Animal Shelter offers a broad range of volunteer opportunities. Volunteer World is the World's leading comparison platform for volunteer abroad programs. The variety of animals that you can encounter and work with during a wildlife conservation project is almost unlimited. Many of the species that have been discovered are already endangered due to human influences on the marine ecosystem. Veterinary volunteer opportunities and internships take place in veterinary and animal shelter settings. You don’t need to have prior experience in conservation or animal rescue in order to make a difference on IVHQ’s animal volunteer programs. Let’s take a look at the practical steps: We recommend Volunteers ages 15-17 must commit to one shift a week between 1.5 to 4-hours long (hours are adjusted during school). This is a great way to show ongoing support for the good Help animals in need. get to observe and occasionally interact with wildlife in their natural habitat and help to conduct research on their behavior for conservation measures. You want to get animal experience, work with animals, and volunteer wherever you can but you … Both regular and casual volunteers are needed. Larger domesticated animals like Our rehoming and veterinary services help 35,000 pets each year, and we couldn’t do this without the support of our dedicated volunteers. Don't Let Animal Volunteer Opportunities Abroad Pass You by Sunrise Sanctuary via Facebook. Our vision is that all companion animals in NSW have a safe and loving home. Each animal area has a maximum number of volunteers it can accommodate during each shift. Volunteer with Blue Cross and you could be a dog walker, cat foster or a horse groomer, alongside many other opportunities. Many volunteer projects like sea turtle rescues are volunteering with animals at an animal shelter could be the perfect chance to 16+ year olds may work with dogs or cats, as well as in administrative roles. In many cases, you can make a real difference in wildlife research, or even help orphaned or sick animals on their road to recovery. apes, where you’ll be responsible for building hides and look-outs for research as well as for the potential release of primates such as: You even have the chance to get in contact with the most impressive primate of all: the There are a number of free animal volunteer opportunities that are perfect for those looking for a low budget way to contribute. Take a look at the location of the project and decide whether it would be a location you are excited about. 600 million stray animals worldwide. get an overview of your future work tasks and to become experienced in the handling of different animals. Youth volunteers age 14-15 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. There are lots of other benefits too, such as: 1. If you are over age 18, please fill out our online volunteer application or fill out a paper volunteer application at our AFRP Adoption Center in Pacific Grove. They will learn a lot about animals, correct animal handling, and the responsibilities that humans have concerning animals, be it caring for a pet at home or taking action to protect animals in the wild. Working with animals in a voluntary capacity is incredibly rewarding. volunteer opportunity! If you’re looking for marine life conservation or diving volunteer opportunities, you can explore our marine conservation volunteer opportunities. IVHQ has more than 13 years experience working with responsible and trusted wildlife conservation organizations, animal sanctuaries and animal shelters around the world. 5 Benefits of Volunteering With Animals. Here you’ll be volunteering in animal shelters and dog rescue centers, providing support in feeding, caring for, and playing with domestic animals. You can also use the filter on our platform to search for animal volunteering abroad opportunities within your budget. We know your story. As a volunteer working with animals, you have the chance to support on-site teams all over the world in their important work and but other small and big domesticated animals like: If you are looking for an adventure and you want to work with animals you don’t normally get to see in real life, then take your chance to become a wildlife conservation volunteer abroad. Located just northwest of Columbus in Marysville, Sunrise Sanctuary is a unique animal sanctuary in Central Ohio. Volunteers may provide daily care for our permanent animal ambassadors, work alongside our rehabilitators caring for current wildlife patients, or go out in the field rescuing and transporting sick, injured, and orphaned animals in need. llll Volunteering with Animals: Top 10 programs for your volunteer work 2021 Volunteer work with animals abroad is perfect for all you animal lovers out there who want to do something good whilst traveling abroad. International Volunteer HQ © All rights reserved. is an important cause in most monkey sanctuaries where physical contact and close care is vital to keep the babies alive. less dangerous animals accepting international volunteers who are under 18 years old. If you already have certain skills in these areas, you can easily extend them and gain new experiences that Voluntary Jobs with Animals … Some of your tasks for animal volunteer work abroad at a pet rescue center or shelter could be: If you consider a Volunteers who engage in a cause Volunteering with us is a great way to meet like minded people who share the same enthusiasm for animal welfare. Take a look at the following categories to find out which animals need your help, what risks they are facing, There is a wide array of options when it comes to volunteering with animals. there are still many dangers for animals both wild and domesticated. In some cases, breeding critically endangered animals in a sanctuary environment is the last hope of conserving the species. teach kids about the importance of protecting animals and their surroundings. You're passionate about marine life? It is staffed exclusively by home-based volunteers who fulfill a wide range of positions within the organistion. Project work varies depending on the local initiative which is committed to supporting either the protection of endangered species, preserving our natural environment or helping to improve the quality of life for rescued animals. The Wilds. you can also bring your friends or family if you’d like. But this is not only true for your fellow volunteers. Keep in mind however, that adult animals that have a chance of being released back into the wild will be treated like wild animals and no human interaction is allowed. Volunteer animal attendants help improve the wellbeing of our animals. If you are more of an outdoorsy person and you want to see the animals in their natural habitat, there are wildlife conservation volunteer opportunities and research projects that observe the different population groups, movements, and behavior of animals such as: elephants; rhinos; lions; cheetahs; leopards; giraffes; zebras; hippos; antelopes; monkeys According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), out of the three to five million elephants roaming our planet in the early 20th century, only 450.000 individuals are left today. Volunteering with animals abroad is a You can gain valuable animal experience by volunteering, and you'll have the satisfaction of helping homeless animals. Engage in underwater studies about dolphins, whales and sharks and improve your diving skills at the same time. You’re ready for volunteering with animals abroad and can start organizing your unique travel and volunteer adventure. Hop to It! speak at least basic English Whether you’d like to volunteer with injured wildlife at a rescue center in the Latin American jungles or assist in monitoring give mistreated pets a second chance at life. As one of the last big secrets that have to be solved on our earth, the ocean still offers a wide range of species and myths, which an animal volunteer can help explore. You could volunteer organisational, IT, administrative or financial skills too. Volunteers help save the lives of thousands of animals each year by assisting in the direct care of animals, fundraising, reaching out to the community and fostering animals in their home. Volunteering with animals is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. This will definitely broaden your horizon and be a great way to find new friends at the same time. dogs there where a lott off different things to do. If you’re interested in conservation internships working with animals, explore the extensive range of international and remote internships with Intern Abroad HQ. Find opportunities with animals in South Africa, Costa Rica, Thailand and many other countries. These locally-driven programs are set up to build on the collective impact of IVHQ volunteers, allowing people from all over the world to deliver greater positive change. Work for an animal conservation project abroad. Volunteering at the Cango Wildlife Ranch was amazing! By volunteering with animals, you also get the chance to try out your dream career without making a long-term commitment. work abroad are: Take your chance and get hands-on during beach patrols where you collect sea turtle eggs and help to release the hatchlings once they are big enough to survive in the ocean. Cats, dogs, and other popular pets are being abandoned by their owners and live on The minimum commitment for new hospital volunteers is from March through the end of WildCare’s “Baby Season” (usually ending late October). Check whether there’s a match between you and the project by looking at their requirements. Volunteer projects working with wild and Voluntary Jobs with Animals in the UK . Our volunteer projects such as Wolf Conservation in Portugal or Wild Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka are popular opportunities for animal volunteering. You will I volunteered on the Animal Care project in Guatemala and it was definitely suitable to what I wanted to do. The Best Friends Network is made up of hundreds of shelters, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations from all across the country that are committed to saving the lives of homeless pets through effective adoption, spay/neuter and intake prevention programs. Especially the care of baby Take action on conservation and saving animals! Not one day was the same. effort makes a meaningful difference, which is not only a personal benefit for you but for the whole community. Get in touch with the organization and see whether your expectations and your schedule match up. veterinary medicine, You can help to bring awareness to the situation of many endangered species, protect their natural habitat, and resolve human-animal conflicts. All volunteers must be 13+ years of age and be able to work independently. destruction of our beaches, coastlines and coral reefs. Thank you IVHQ for giving me the opportunity to experience one of the best trips of my life. cats wildlife behavior in Africa Some of the marine animals you could be working with during your animal volunteer You decided early in life that you wanted become a veterinarian and now you want to explore your dream. projects are currently available in your favorite destination. Some projects in Latin America will ask you to speak basic Spanish. It doesn’t matter if you have any experience through having pets or having worked with animals before, as long as you are willing to learn and gorilla Become an animal attendant volunteer at our shelter. Most volunteer programs require a fee to be paid by the volunteer. In many countries worldwide, domesticated animals and pets face a very sad reality as well. With opportunities all around the world, you can spend a day, a week, a month, or longer assisting in wildlife conversation work and animal care, all whilst experiencing a new culture and country. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 4 hours per month for 6 months. career in the field of We're happy to advise you! You can discover more about volunteering with animals overseas and the types of volunteer work available in the destinations below. for you to help out. All over the world, there are animals in need of protection, be it in the desert, forest, ocean, or on the streets. walking dogs and spending time with the animals, assisting in simple veterinary tasks and treatments, fundraising, organizing of donations and events to support the shelter. and it is a great way to Once you know your destination, take the following 3 steps before setting off on your life-changing adventure! Rehabilitate wildlife, volunteer abroad with indigenous people, take care of huskies, go on an adventure and dog sled, or go on a bear or whale watching safari. giant panda monkeys In fact, this is even a requirement for most programs abroad.