Boris McGiver as Tom Hammerschmidt in Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ (Photo: David Giesbrecht/Netflix) More Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 5 of House of Cards . Bill Shepherd (Greg Kinnear) is one half of the brother-sister duo that is the Shepherds, the main nemeses for Claire's presidency. Tom Hammerschmidt is a guest on a CNN panel, along with Seth, and insists Claire was about to pardon Frank in exchange for a divorce, but Frank died before that could happen. At the end of Episode 2, almost as if she knows the viewer needs an update on what has now become a murder mystery, Claire turns directly to the … Bill, sick and suffering from cancer, hates Claire. That’s the part that I would like to think happens. ... Seth receives word that Tom Hammerschmidt … While Season 6 had plots focused on major corporate influence, Claire's White House takeover, and the continued efforts of the world's unluckiest journalist, Tom Hammerschmidt, the ending of … Spoilers ahead for The Good Place series finale. At the core of the final season of House of Cards is a death. In the opening moments of Netflix’s House of Cards premiere episode … The bodies have piled up, as noted below, and the Underwood have taken control of Washington. Is Janine going to avenge Tom Hammerschmidt's death and do what she’s been wanting to do for the last six seasons and expose the Underwoods? Episode recap With the crisis coming to a head, Claire travels to Virginia and has Yusuf Al Ahmadi flown in to a government safe house there. This article contains spoilers through the Season 6 finale of House of Cards.. Doug Stamper is the dog. An episode of Tom and Jerry ended with both characters sitting on a railroad track waiting for a train, but it was not the final episode of the series. An unsolved death, rotting away the fringes of characters' morality, haunting the executive branch's processes. Ever since its story-upending Season 1 twist, The Good Place has continually reinvented itself and kept viewers on their toes.

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