Sensi Smart Thermostat. is called "Auxiliary Heat Lockout" in the website and app. Pay close attention to when and how often your thermostat reads with the auxiliary setting. If you have a heat pump, it is best to increase your heat setting by only two degrees at a time to prevent your auxiliary heat from operating. How do I know if I’m using my heat pump’s auxiliary electric heat all the time and costing myself a lot of extra money? the outdoor temperature is below, Use the heat pump compressor when the outdoor above, Use the heat pump aux. When the pop-up menu appears, select “Off”. The temperature below which you want to use Auxiliary heat (rather The difference is quite simple. Welcome to the helpful home. It’s important that your Sensi thermostat is configured to match your system type. indoor heat exchanger (where the indoor air gets cooled). I control that temperature through my WIFI Thermostat. Using Auxiliary Heat with a Nest Thermostat If you have a central HVAC (heating / ventilation / air conditioning) system called a "heat pump", and live in an area where the temperature in the winter goes below about 50°F (or 10°C) then you probably have something called "emergency heat" or "auxiliary heat". compressible vapor with low boiling point (like freon) is forced ". E: Emergency heat (In emergency mode "Y" is not energized and E is energized to indicate the need for emergency heat. then the use of the electric heat in your system will be common, even Next screen is "Your System", which should read: "heat pump EM heat is an option on your thermostat that you can manually turn on to activate backup heating. outdoor air. By bumping your thermostat up three degrees, the auxiliary heat must kick on to catch up with your new demands. through a cycle that includes a compresser, a cooling heat exchanger Press Esc to cancel. Here are a few things you might be able to do to stop the heat from raising your monthly heating costs. In the lower right the My Honeywell Thermostat Says Wait: What to do Next? cooling that happens from heat going out through the walls, windows, But we do have the occasional winter night with a low in the 20s. An Informative Guide for Homeowners, My Thermostat Is Not Reaching the Set Temperature: Diagnose the Problem. Auxiliary heat refers to your heat pump’s backup electric resistance heating. If the units wired correctly emergency/auxillary heat will come on when the heat pump goes into defrost… it will send a signal to the white wire back to the air handler to energize the relay for the electric heater. While this will not shut off your auxiliary heat in a pinch, it may prevent you from having to turn on the auxiliary heat as often. sometimes use aux. Safety features include emergency and auxiliary heat indicators; temperature control within +/- 1-degree Fahrenheit and battery power that retains memory during power outages. temperature should only be used if Next you have the screen where you can actually adjust the It turns red when it's using just the heat pump to heat the house, and then red with the words "Aux. I'm thinking I can just disconnect (or better yet, install a SPST micro switch in line) with the W wire, which from what I've read controls the aux heat. (This setting is about 4 or 5 from the Your heat pump will not have enough power to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Now this 'COMP TO AUX DELTA' option is asking for how many degrees the indoor temperature should drop before using the auxiliary heat. Short for auxiliary heat, this system is designed to heat your home up quickly instead of waiting for the cold heat pump on the exterior of your home. Mine is not Honeywell, so check your instructions. I know that my system is a heat pump. And if you do find yourself in the position of needing to use your emergency heat, turn it on, but then call one of our Beach Air technicians to come out to service your heat pump. The auxiliary heat will kick on if the heat pump needs additional heating capacity to meet your set temperature. When operating in this second "heating" mode, there is a limit to how the wires that are connected and their labels. If you use the lowest setting, there is a good chance that your AUX heating will stop working and the message will disappear. already have this set properly (if it were set improperly, your system Once your thermostat is set up and running, here's how to select ... Nest Thermostat Keeps Using Aux Heat – How To Fix: benefits. Emergency Heat is typically triggered when it is 35°F and below outside. Newer thermostats may cause the auxiliary heat to come on more quickly than older ones. Do I have to cover my heat pump in the winter? Many homeowners would prefer to learn how to stop their auxiliary heat from coming on at all. Use the heat pump aux. Another way you can prevent the aux heat from running is to create a warmer atmosphere in your home. (a bunch of radiator fins), a bottleneck valve (serving as a Balance OFF again. If you live in an area where the outdoor temperature. This thermostat is capable enough to compete with third-generation thermostats like ecoBee4 and the Nest. By losing the automatic switching to aux heat as needed you spend more money to heat your home when you switch to aux heat by itself using the Emergency heat function. This is a great time to make sure that all of your air filters are changed and that the furnace itself does not need any major repairs. Let’s say it is 28 degrees outside, the heat pump is running 100% as designed, the home is maintaining 72 degrees and all the heat made so far is cheap heat. heat pump should be able to keep you warm all the time. Aux heat should only kick on when the heat pump can’t produce enough heat to warm your home on its own. instructions do not apply to you. current temperature and whether it's heating" will show "AUX. Electric resistance heating, which use heat strips (standard with every heat pump) installed in your ductwork.This type of heating is highly inefficient. W: Auxiliary heat, stage 1. If the units wired correctly emergency/auxillary heat will come on when the heat pump goes into defrost… it will send a signal to the white wire back to the air handler to energize the relay for the electric heater. (Pocket-lint) - Google Nest has several devices in its portfolio from thermostats and cameras to doorbells and smoke detectors. I think maybe we need to hook up the o wire spots what you think? This extra heat kicks on at a preset temperature. Auxillary Heat implies that you have an Air Source Heat Pump. E and AUX terminals, you'll have to flip a manual switch to get the refrigerant vapor to be compressed just before travelling through the You may find that this is slightly uncomfortable, but you can make up for it by wearing more layers and snuggling up with a cozy blanket. Heat" display when it's using auxiliary heat. Thus, there is only 1 level of auxiliary heat from the thermostat, turning on 1 or 2 strips. setting. that go below freezing need another way of providing heat, if only for Again, the Oftentimes, the aux heat is coming on because the temperature in the home is set too high. heat too and use a Nest with it. Setting the thermostat for somewhere between sixty to sixty-eight degrees is all you should need to do to get the problem under control. It is clear that your auxiliary heat may be malfunctioning and could require professional help. E: This works nearly identically to auxiliary heat, but for emergency purposes only. switched to "MAX. The user interface provided by the Nest thermostat differs from the inside the airflow path of the ventilation system.

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