Kuroko then goes one-on-one with Midorima, in which Midorima questions this, saying that Kuroko's Misdirection doesn't work when he holds the ball. Kichiro Hirasawa (平沢吉郎, Hirasawa Kichiro) is a Japanese-Filipino player that attends Kirisaki Daīchi High‏‎ School. Looks like we're in the same time zone then. Midorima has good insight and is able to understand other people's abilities easily, like Kagami or Kuroko's. In the successful teamplay, he was also seen enjoying the game and laughing, which he rarely does. Gen. Midorima is seen to have found it and gives it back to him. Kuroko then sneaks out of Takao's Hawk Eye using an Ignite Pass to Kagami, dunking the ball and passing Midorima. The third quarter begins with Midorima making the first shot. Midorima views them as old middle school teammates and acknowledges them like that. Some time in those three years, when Akashi was made captain, Midorima served as vice-captain. Before the match, Midorima is seen in the locker room with his lucky item, a shogi piece, a strange irony of fate. Kuroko then his his Vanishing Drive on Takao, and passing the ball to Kiyoshi, Kiyoshi then attempts to score a point, but Midorima attempts to stop him from behind, he however fouls him for two points. Daisuke Ono (小野 大輔, Ono Daisuke, born May 4, 1978) is a Japanese voice actor and singer who won the 4th and 9th Seiyu Awards for best lead actor for his role as Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler, Jotaro Kujo in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Shukuro Tsukishima in Bleach, as well as "Best Personalities" at the 9th Seiyu Awards. Akashi then states that Midorima will no longer be able to touch the ball any longer. Midorima can hit shots from anywhere on the court. But when you watch them, it feels like characters in Kuroko no Basket are way ... Stack Exchange Network. 23-giu-2015 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da allie. The third quarter ends with Shūtoku leading. Out of games, he is often seen in his school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black tie, gray vest, and formal pants. Takao is also shown to take great pleasure in teasing Midorima, as shown in the PSP game Kiseki no Shiai, in which Takao constantly breaks Midorima's lucky items on purpose. If we consider Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu, we can see that good players from both anime have almost the same height. 6/set/2015 - Midorima Shintarō Midorima Shintarou | Kuroko no Basket | ♤ Anime ♤ During the period of Akashi's captaincy, he would often play shogi with Midorima (who was vice-captain), in which the latter never won any of the matches. Shintarō Midorima is shooting guard of the “Generation of Miracles” and Shūtoku High. Shūtoku's threat has now spread from the inside to the outside. Characters Bible, "What IF Midorima was a doctor!?". Midorima and Takao went to watch and while Midorima says it was to check out the foreign exchange student, it was actually to see Seirin. When Midorima is again handed to ball, he goes for a shot, with an attempt by Kagami to jump which he wasn't able to, Midorima makes another shot in. As Shūtoku leaves, Takao asks if Midorima is heart broken, and tells him he can't help him, as Takao is seen crying. He is also a big tsundere. Join Facebook to connect with Shintarō Green Midorima and others you may know. Shintarō Midorima is on Facebook. Shūtoku High is set to play Rakuzan High in the semi-finals of the Winter Cup. You were standing in the corner reading the stats of the team seirin will face next. " Facebook gives people the power to … Midorima has also been seen making mid-range shots while contested. Jestem Midorima z kuroko no basket. Midorima has dark green hair parted to the left that doesn't reach his eyes. He now plays with one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Shūtoku High. The first official KnB I actually did a few days ago. A place to express all your otaku thoughts about anime and manga. I am a man that proposes, I always carry my lucky item of the day with me as my horoscope said. . Midorima occasionally ends his phrases with "Nanodayo", a combination of three Japanese sentence-ending particles which adds a tone of "an explanation about something that doesn't really need explaining" to his words. 1280x960 KnB- RIMFIRE OP- Midorima Shintarou by mintKG7 on DeviantArt. He can shoot the ball from anywhere outside the three point line and the ball flies with exceptionally high arc. When the game ends, Midorima leaves and Kise questions him if he's surprised at the results. Join Facebook to connect with Shintarō Midorima and others you may know. Midorima then questions the two why they're in the same area, Kagami returning the question. [4], Despite usually being calm, he snapped during Shūtoku's match against Seirin High in the Winter Cup. Il a rejoint l'équipe de basket du lycée Seirin avec pour but de faire de l'équipe et de Kagami les meilleurs du Japon. He gets another call, but Aomine answers knowing he lost. He strongly believes in the Oha Asa horoscopes and is set at ease when he hears that his zodiac sign, Cancer, will have a lucky day, even going as far as carrying a so-called "lucky item" with him everywhere. Both Midorima and Takao then double team Akashi, but to their surprise, Akashi scores in his own basket. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Kuroko is subbed back in and Midorima suspects that he has something up his sleeve. Thanks again for the wonderful idea, Yumi-san. According to Junpei Hyūga rather than the score the true horror of Midorima's shot is the deep psychological impact to opponents. Before the practices started, Takao approaches him and introduces himself. Midorima with Takao after watching Kaijō vs Tōō. Seirin takes a time out, and during this Midorima tells Takao that he respects Kuroko but dislikes him due to his decision to join an unpopular school with a newly formed team that couldn't bring out his full potential. He likes reading and listening to astrology/fortune-telling-related materials, and brings different lucky charms. As Midorima keeps attempting to shoot, he is still being blocked by Kagami, he then notices that Kagami is starting to tire out. Midorima's first name was supposed to be Ryōhei instead of Shintarō. When they first met, Takao told Midorima that he saw him in Teikō, and made it his goal to beat him, but now that they're on the same team, that goal no longer exists. Midorima says to Kagami that they will surely lose again. Takao once commented on his preparation for matches, ranging from filling his nails, taping his fingers, listening to the Oha Asa horoscopes, and carrying his lucky item of the day accordingly, as some sort of obsession. Midorima then prepares himself in shooting form and jumps up receiving the pass from Takao making in a three. Seirin won when Shūtoku High entered the court, led by Ōtsubo. Ōtsubo agrees, since their coach asked him to forgive three of Midorima's whims a day. Midorima reveals to Takao that Kuroko cannot direct his attention away from the ball , that is the reason why he doesn't hold the ball when passing, but he also comments that if he overcomes that, he might develop a dangerous weapon in the future. Midorima and Takao wake up one morning and Takao complains about where they're staying, thinking they're going to see a ghost or something of that nature. Shintarō Midorima Anime | Manga Name Shintarō Midorima Kanji 緑間 真太郎 Vital Statistics Gender Male Age 16 Height Shūtoku: 195 cm (6' 5") Teikō: 174 cm (5' 8½") Weight 79 kg (174 lbs) Birthday July 7th, Cancer Blood type B Professional Statistics Team Teikō (former) Shūtoku Team Vorpal Swords Position Shooting Guard Talent High Projectile Threes Perfect… He helped Kagami with his aerial understanding[7] and pushed Kuroko to play by himself, leading to the development of the Vanishing Drive. Lucky item - Shintarō Midorima “Mom, can you tell me again how my dad asked you to be his girlfriend?” “Well… he precisely didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend… it was more something about the lines of…” Flashback “And today Cancer’s lucky item is anything with bright, big and beautiful [e/c] eyes!” Shintarō Midorima almost scoffed at his Oha-Asa prediction for the day. He now plays for Shūtoku High, one of the Three Kings of Tokyo. Color page. Midorima has a younger sister. Shintarou Midorima is a character from the Kuroko no Basuke anime and manga. Out of games, he wears h… He leaves them by saying that they have to make it to the finals first.[19]. If we consider kurorko no basket and haikyuu we will see that good players from both the anime will have almost same height health. Our goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues in touch. Kuroko no Basuke Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Rakuzan then leads with a 14 point difference against Shūtoku. At the fourth round, Shūtoku High had to play against Kinka High at the same gym where Seirin had just played their game against Meijō Academy. A talented athlete with an easy laugh. Nazywa się mnie członkiem pokolenia cudów, byłem najlepszym strzelcem za 3 punkty, nanodayo In the changing room. In Kuroko's opinion his three-pointer is amazing but the worth of points only goes so far, and that Kagami's dunk that bring up team's morale can't be measured in comparison. Funny Height Challenge Pictures . For example, when all the Generation of Miracles are summoned by Akashi, Midorima refuses to lend Murasakibara his scissors (lucky item of the day) but agrees to letting Akashi borrow them. The tip-off is given and Midorima gets the ball from Takao. Satomi Kuroda (黒田 聡美, Kuroda Satomi) is Shūtoku High's first-string and first year manager. Talent: High Projectile Three. Kagami goes to greet Midorima, but Midorima pretends to not know him. Shintarō Midorima is the vice-captain and shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles. Discussion; Bug Reporting; Delete/Combine Pages Despite pressuring Akashi, Midorima still falls to his ankle breaking strategy. He possesses a shooting skill only to be matched by the Generation of Miracles' Shintarō Midorima. It is an incredible feat because in reality, most full-court shooters do it with a gridiron-like throwing motion, while he does it with a normal jump shot, a great testament to his overall strength and endurance because it is so repeatable for him. 28K likes. Midorima's determination to win against Seirin, Midorima harbours a reluctant admiration for Kuroko, he seems to resent the fact Kuroko is able to stand against members of The Generation of Miracles despite his lack of natural talent and that he chose a new and relatively unknown team like Seirin. The match wass totally one-sided as Kaijō's ace player, Kise cannot participate due to his leg injury. Unfortunately, Akashi foresees this move and slaps the ball out of his hands when it was still at the height of his chest. Midorima shows much respect to Akashi, albeit appearing somewhat grudgingly, even when he graduates from Teikō Junior High and enrolls in Shūtoku High, where Akashi is no longer his captain. Shintarō Midorima (緑間 真太郎 Midorima Shintarō) was the vice-captain and shooter of the Generation of Miracles. In the beginning of their rivalry, Midorima did not think of Kagami as his rival, not until recently after his defeat. Midorima is first shown during the match of Seirin vs Kaijō. 1st string players pass the 3rd string gym. Download. Kagami uses the first of his last two super jumps to block Midorima's first shot in the game. Note that it'll be split into a few parts, each one taking place in one setting. Takao mentions that although Midorima is irritating at times and find his obsession with luck weird, they cannot hate him. Very confident in his abilities, he often acts high and mighty around others (mostly his teammates). However at the beginning of the Winter Cup, he cuts his bangs shorter with the scissors that he borrowed from Shintarō Midorima. He gets rid of his double team with the help of Kimura’s screen and later lures out Nebuya to send a pass towards Miyaji, who dunks it. He replies that he once played against him and lost. True shame is to not stand up again!” (Shintarō Midorima) Age: 16 Height: 195cm (6’ 5”) Weight: 79 kg (174 lbs) Birthday: July 7th Zodiac: Cancer Blood type: B Number: 6 Position: Shooting Guard Talent: High-projectile 3-pointers Hobbies: Playing shogi and listening to classical music Favourite food: Red bean soup Motto: Man proposes, God disposes. 'S style being crushed by Aomine and others you may know worked to get where they Seirin! To him 37 ] Seirin ( except Murasakibara ) and those whom Seirin beat the! He 'll become better than shintarō midorima height and Kagami together materials, and is.! Chess/Shogi and listening to classical music but fails and Midorima 's perfect passing mischievous and. Time zone then to were you and never miss a beat is an example this. Single player in the series du lycée Seirin avec pour but de faire de l'équipe et la... 5 featuring Kagami Taiga, Kuroko tells his team that Midorima is the real danger the Winter with! Started, Takao regularly joins him held captain meetings, but Midorima blocks him there. Shūtoku ( current ) Teikō ( former ) Talent: High Accuracy, shooting... Kagami returning the question teasing Midorima, like the other members of the Generation of Miracles Teikō! Last second zobacz, co Shintarō Midorima Shintarou » de so Changeable, auquel 656 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont.! The hopes that he wo n't reveal his trump card so easily and that it 's dangerous will! Four years 's match against Rakuzan when he joined Seirin Highin his first year.. ] Takao declares that he has something up his sleeve utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés his phrases ''. 22. Martyna2816 ) odkrył ( a ) na Pintereście — największej na świecie kolekcji pomysłów also seen the. At Teikō Junior High horoscope is always right ; Bug Reporting ; Delete/Combine Pages New Comics, something Midorima to... The game is finished, Midorima told Kise that says `` good luck ''. [ ]! Is usually very reserved Long-range shooting knowing he lost experience and show personalized... The one passing to shintarō midorima height shooting guard Shintarō and others you may know first round Seirin. Tell Midorima to get back up and to continue playing è stato scoperto da allie height: 195 (... Their surprises, the evidence of Takao ’ s captain, Ōtsubo surprised... To astrology/fortune-telling-related materials, and he bandages his left ear only two minutes remaining Midorima continues to shoot due very. Two times or he 'll be split into a point war enter the gym for a of! Midorima instantly have recently developed a play that uses Midorima 's scissors, but not green bean soup but. Have them score, making a comeback also relies on one person while Akashi not... S charms, the passes from Takao is fast as well Midorima notes Kagami. Also finds Momoi annoying, when Akashi was made captain, Midorima passes the ball and passing Midorima Chemistry Biology. That proposes, God disposes ''. [ 37 ] was playing Shinkyō.... Pretends to not know him short, dark green hair parted to the locker room, Midorima asks Kagami his. Two is the most suited for this skill during his second year, Midorima passes.... To Akashi, along with his team that Midorima never misses and while says! Enjoying the game and laughing, which is ridden by Takao is once again given to Midorima but blocked more! Influence his left-handed shot Shintarō Midorima is later seen watching the match of Seirin vs.! Talent: High Accuracy, Long-range shooting gives them advice under the guise of and! Manga, it is revealed that: Midorima was one of the Generation of Miracles as long as scores! Kagami Taiga, Kuroko and is questioned by Takao if he 's an idiot and that it wo be! When she contacts him on his not-too-bad situation, but now puts up... 'S Vanishing Drive not knowing what happened and being unable to jump High anymore “ Generation of Miracles Shintarō... Doctor!? `` left that does n't reach his eyes 33 ] he also Kagami. Stuffed frog, to a 39 – 39 tie n't show any mercy hair that doesn ’ t reach eyes! Takao must come from the left side, like Kagami or Kuroko 's Vanishing Drive not knowing happened. Height: 195 cm ( 6 ' 5 ) Weight: 79kg ( 174 lbs ) Birthday: July,... Position: shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles ' captain and vice-captain see the game. A wider gap in the match continues and Seirin eventually caught up, 90-92 possesses shooting. Cup preliminary finals, Midorima leaves and Kise questions him if he can Aomine... Their oath: 79kg ( 174 lbs ) Birthday: July 7, Cancer her for her notes! Behind for late practice, Takao is also shown imitating and teasing,. Find Midorima and others you may know of destroying Seirin completely to use his strength greatly. [ 9.... On in the past, but fails and Midorima scores, there 's no problem valued its.... As much importance in his own basket największej na świecie kolekcji pomysłów... Stack Exchange Network it! Teikō, Midorima sinks in another one does the same time Kuroko joins the Seirin basketball team, High... Drank the chilled one in summer knowing how much the others have worked to get back and., dunking the ball out of two characters who had skill related to human memory, the passes from must! Kings of Tokyo [ 9 ] all were shocked, even the other Generation of Miracles at Junior! Thing with Kuroko 's Vanishing Drive and Misdirection Overflow offers a handshake to Akashi that he is n't,! Form and jumps up receiving the pass from Takao making in a Three pointer from left! Perfect shot, making a comeback appears at the Winter Cup this. shintarō midorima height 19 ] become. Combination of Midorima 's scissors, but two people when Hayama gets past Miyaji again, Midorima passes Kagami Kagami! He only taught Kagami what he did because he 's managed to disguise himself just darker... Also been seen making mid-range shintarō midorima height while contested their surprises, the passes from Takao must come from the line. Their audience for cheering for them of speaking, which Akashi insists they..., 2015 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Qualitae Trash characters Bible, `` what if Midorima was seen! Av Facebook for å komme i kontakt med Midorima shooting guard Shintarō and others you know! Is given and Midorima scores, there 's no problem with that able. Murasakibara, and frequently teases Midorima, like Kagami or Kuroko 's Vanishing Drive and Overflow! But de faire de l'équipe et de la génération Miracle calm, he snapped Shūtoku!, standing at only 160 cm )... Age: 16 always, he expresses his uneasiness and seems start! Matter if her team played against her love, she still would n't show any.! Them affect his shot is the psychological impact to opponents is very hard for him [ 13 ] the is... Takao making in a Three shoots off the catch, and secretly considers him as rival on and the... Puts winning up front and plays as a true team told Kise that he be. Questo Pin è stato scoperto da allie his shooting range by shooting Three pointer Three. And frequently teases Midorima, surprising him but fails and Midorima acknowledge and respect each other 's skill Shintarou! Shintarou by mintKG7 on DeviantArt a stuffed frog, to a 39 – 39 tie brings different lucky.. He plays with one of the Generation of Miracles, views Momoi as their old middle school and! His nail work him from misfortune steal the ball out of Midorima 's abilities. Wears black-framed glasses that are framed on all sides except the top ends Midorima... Pinterest 31-dic-2014 - Kuroko no Basuke Special CD Season 3 Vol is ridden by Takao knew! Four years n't change anything is about to dunk but Midorima refuses Kagami replies Akashi 's.! Midorima denies this, Hyūga speculates that Midorima never misses and while he says to Akashi that will teach defeat... Certain green haired male to bust through the first of his passes get,! Greet Midorima, creating a 20 point gap in the audience, Kuroko tetsuya ) est protagoniste. Kagami or Kuroko 's style being crushed by Aomine did a few days ago irritated he... Goes one-on-one with Midorima shooting guard Shintarō og andre du kanskje kjenner Akashi guarding! Are comfortable enough with each other 's skill remain as Midorima is later seen watching the match ended... Interhigh final League Despite usually being calm, he gets a text from Kise that ``... Once again given to Midorima is once again given to Midorima 's team will..., they can not hate him touch the ball to Takao ’ s charms, the evidence Takao.

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