In the future, we’re likely to see other companies following the Mr COOL footsteps. With a Gold-Fin condenser fan, corrosion is history, and you can rely on the protection for years. They can run for shorter times while maintaining the same temperature control, saving you money and frustration. This smart series is a DIY installer’s dream. The systems are effective in ambient temperatures as low as 13 degrees (F). The outdoor unit puts pressure to the refrigerant, which is dispersed through lines to the indoor unit. Installing a mini split air conditioning system in your home comes with a lot of benefits in terms of energy consumption and ease of installation. The most reviewed and purchased model is the 12000 BTU model. 18 SEER 230V with variable speed DC inverter compressor technology that cuts operating costs for heating and cooling. Mr Cool A-18-HP-WMAH-230B Variable Speed Air Handler new in distressed box. If your room is measured between two sizes, for example, a 12,000 BTU and 18,000 BTU system, you will need to factor in these other options to choose the right size. It’s a small space at about 380 sqft total. Find your series and model and then click the link to the desired manual or document you need. Here are two conditions to avoid that $3,000 installation cost: Mr COOL DIY 3rd generation mini-split units don’t need professional installation. How much will an HVAC contractor charge for installing a MRCOOL mini split? We got a mr cool diy until and our ideal run would be from the top northeast corner of the adu to the ceiling space back towards the northwest corner and down to the condenser. Therefore you need to take into account the recommended areas for each Mr COOL DIY mini-split. What isn’t covered are the MRCOOL mini split error codes. The exterior unit is a heat pump. We’re currently converting a garage into an ADU and are adding a mini-split system in the living-room. Mr Cool 4 Zone 22.5 SEER Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump AC $3,999.99. 3rd Place: 36,000 BTU unit with 16 SEER and 8.9 HSPF rating. The warranty, though, is one of the more impressive on the market. COOL. You can access your mini split manual online at any time by checking out the documents section of the MRCOOL website. After that, we’ll explain which device is the best for a certain area and look into the energy-efficiency (the most important factor when buying any mini-split heat pump). In the future, we’re likely to see other companies following the Mr COOL footsteps. Offering three different installation variations to convert, install, or replace, MRCOOL found a niche spot in the competitive field, and they excel at it. MRCOOL Mini-Splits have changed the cooling and heating market. Overview Tech Specs Features PDFS Reviews Model: A-09-HP-230B COOLING CAPACITY: 9,000 BTU HEATING CAPACITY: 9,800 BTU EFFICIENCY: 18 SEER VOLTAGE: 208-230V/1 COOL AREA... $710.00. The MRCOOL 18k BTU heat pump is HSPF rated at 10, which is higher than the industry average. Everything you need to know is right here. Mr Cool 2x24000 Btu 22.4 SEER Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump AC $4,311.99. Home Depot, for example, has a decent selection, and you can also order online. 96 $999.99 $999.99 At 2880 hours of operation, you will be alerted to replace your filter. Be just a bit of a technical person (we’re not talking rocket science; basic DIY skills will do). While the big companies stopped innovating a decade ago, Mr COOL is literally a breath of fresh air of innovation in the HVAC industry. The only ductless mini split air conditioning and heating unit that is easy to install for thousands less than a conventional HVAC system. Their mini-splits feature DIY installation, Wi-Fi control, and efficient operation. When it comes to brand recognition and loyalty, MRCOOL is going to lose to the names that have been around for decades. Questions? However, unlike some higher-end models, you will need a heating supplement when the ambient temperature drops below 13 degrees (F), even though the system is rated to 5 degrees. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,101. Only 1 left! Running a MRCOOL mini split air conditioner is going to be more efficient than a central AC or window unit. Out of warranty, you can find replacement parts through your HVAC dealer, or online through sites like Amazon. Mr Cool, 18K BTU Heat Pump Condenser & Wall Mount Air Handler 230 volt 20 SEER. This product is shipped in two boxes. We participate in several affiliate programs including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an advertising program in which we earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. More Buying Choices $53.35 (5 used & new offers) MrCool LineGuard 4.5" Line Set Cover - 12 ft. 4.3 out of 5 stars 31. The best advice to offer is to adhere to the manual exactly. Their units are built mainly for the DIY handy person in mind with many features that make an install easier. Let’s first look at the comparison of the Mr COOL DIY mini-split. There are many options to choose from here. After a HVAC Quote - Call a Licensed Technician, Considerations When Buying a MRCOOL Mini Split System, MRCOOL Mini Split Air Conditioner Reviews. All of the DIY series models come with Gold Fin condenser fans to fight corrosion and wear. As an example, the MRCOOL DIY series 12,000 BTU unit will cost you about $86 for cooling and $275 for heating for an entire year. The 5 Point Sensible Solution Standard: Control. As with most mini split systems, any lower than 13 degrees may require a supplemental heat source to operate efficiently. Compared to Daikin and newcomer Senville, for example, MRCOOL finds the most competition. We will also review each Mr COOL mini-split system (below the comparison table). If you are looking at abilities, though, MRCOOL takes the top spot in most categories. Mr Cool 2x18000 Btu 22.5 SEER Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump AC $3,619.99. On the other hand, if you look at the SEER and HSPF rating of the 36k unit, you can see that the energy-efficient is not as splendid as the smaller Mr COOL mini-split units. No need for special tools or training to install this high efficiency heat pump. On low, the decibels drop to the high 30s, depending on the model, which means that overnight in the bedroom, you won’t have your sleep disturbed. This 18,000 BTU system is 19 SEER with fully integrated remote and wireless operations. The MRCOOL DIY is made to be easier to install than regular mini splits. If you cannot decide on which model to purchase, we recommend the MRCOOL Advantage system. DIY 24000 Btu 20 SEER Mini Split Heat Pump AC by Mr Cool $1,899.99. Since it is a ductless system, it definitely takes a shorter time to install versus a traditional central air conditioning setup. The Mr COOL 12k can be controlled via iPhone or any Android phone. If you’re somewhere between these recommended areas, you can give us your situation in the comments below or use our BTU calculator here. Your room size will be a large factor in what type and size mini slit system you need. What are the steps on how to clean a MRCOOL mini split? Of all the various series and models MRCOOL offers, if you plan to perform a DIY installation, you need to only choose models from their DIY line up. These mini-split systems rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced design to deliver high efficiency air comfort anywhere you need it. If you can keep up on cleaning and maintenance of the system, it will provide you with years of cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter. Free shipping. Undoubtely, the Mr COOL DIY mini-split units are the way of the future. $235.00. With Mr COOL, you will not only save yourself the high installation costs, but due to high energy-efficiency, you will see your cooling/heating electricity bill reduced by several $100 per year. Each summer we help thousands of people find the best room air conditioners and heaters for their needs. Ft. room. Appropriately sizing a mini-split will lead you to either lower energy-efficiency (can cost $100s/year in electricity costs) or limit the lifespan of the device. There is a 5-year warranty on all parts with a 7-year warranty on the sealed compressors and a 1-year warranty on the remote module. This is a 6 month review of the Mr. That’s why we’ll review each of the best Mr COOL air conditioners – the 12k, 18k, and 24k. There are hundreds of A/C products on the market, and not all of them are worth your time and money. If any of these interest you, MRCOOL is the place to look. 2nd Place: 18,000 BTU and 24,000 BTU units with 20 SEER and 10 HSPF rating. Energy-efficiency is the key here: The whole point of buying an efficient Mr COOL mini-split is to reduce future electricity costs. However, the best place to buy a MRCOOL mini split system is through Amazon. However, it often results from a tripped breaker or a loose wire. That means that you can use it to cool/heat the entire flat or several rooms. Call 1-888-757-4774 or . Are MRCOOL mini splits any good for heating? Truth be told, they fair well against most. Industry-standard is 14-16 SEER rating (Mr COOL have 20 SEER rating). MRCOOL DIY Multi-Zone Ductless Mini-Split is an AHR Expo Innovation Awards Finalist. Mr Cool DIY Wifi USB HVAC Mini Split Controller - Alexa Google Assitant . There is no cost for this service. Amazon doesn’t have to worry about making room for next year’s model and will hold last year’s model in stock, too. It is thinner than a condenser unit and will take up less space. Add to … Line-Set Pre-Sealed; Control Lines Clearly Labeled ; Standard 120 Volts ; Mr Cool mini split unit is the friendliest mini split for DIY installs. How does MRCOOL stand up against the bigger names in the industry? If you prefer a low hum of white noise to sleep to, low mode won’t give you much, though. Pick the perfect MRCOOL DIY for your space Every space is a little different. A complete line of split units, packaged units, mini splits, diy systems, gas furnaces, and accessories. In 10 years, that’s $1,000. Taking the square footage of the room (length in feet multiplied by width in feet) is only the beginning. The Advantage series requires a 220v dedicated circuit, much like your home’s central air unit. However, for smaller spaces, you can opt for the 9000 BTU version. MRCOOL 9000-BTU 230-Volt 11 SEER 0.75-Ton 250-sq ft Smart Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heater. Obviously, the larger the unit, the more it will cost to run. However, before you head out to buy a MRCOOL mini split system, there are only five things you need to consider. Heat pumps work by taking colder air from one side and pushing it to the other. The DIY series isn’t the most energy-efficient around. All of the models have the DC-Inverter compressor with leak detection. Further, you can convert an existing central AC to a mini split system, do a fresh install with no prior system or convert other ACs into a MRCOOL mini split set up without the need for an HVAC technician. Here is the quick outtake of the 3rd generation 12k, 18k, and 24k Mr COOL mini splits: Installation of a mini-split unit averages at about $3,000. MrCool Advantage 3rd Gen. $785.98. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Every 240 hours of operation, you need to wash the filter. For 750 sq. Innovation, technology, and true DIY systems. Everything you need to do the install yourself is included with purchase, and you won’t forego a warranty by installing the system yourself. However, most other options don’t include wireless control or leak detection. The exterior MRCOOL mini split heat pump is flush-mounted on the ground. When starting the system up after a long time off or for the first time of the season, you need to wash your filter, replace remote batteries, and check for damage or leaks. Enter MRCOOL, a heat pump operated mini split that can offer BOTH heating and cooling functions to an interior space. The E codes deal with the electrical system; P codes deal with refrigerant and air pressures while the F codes deal with fans and airflow issues.

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