A third of the population are Arabs, and approximately half are from South Asia and the Asian subcontinent. Now when I lived in England I got completely … into the habit of saying please and thank you and when I came back it just … became an involuntary reflex action till I noticed how everybody was aghast at all my pleases and thank yous and I didn’t understand what was happening until a couple of my close friends said to me, “What’s wrong with you you’ve become such a snob, why are you saying please and thank you all the time to us?” and then I realized, Oh My God, I would say the same thing to anybody who came back a close friend or a family member and who started saying please and thank you all the time. As McCrae (2009: 205) states, “human mentality and personality were shaped primarily by culture, which was itself a relatively arbitrary product of history and geography.” He goes on to add that “culture [itself] must be congruent with the features of human physiology and psychology…” (ibid. There are many reasons for the differences, including the fact that wages in the east continue to be lowe… Parents will always think that children will make things messy and they need to spend more time to re-do the task, follow up what their children had done as compared to they do the work themselves. This new system would allow students to better prepare themselves because they would have all year or semester to finish their projects, thus allowing their grades to excel. Attention to one's emotional life is often eclipsed, even though it is the heart and soul of both physician and patient. The same process of integration of the New Media is occurring in museums of fine art, applied arts, and related areas. Education system: Eastern education system is based on cramming and quantitative pattern. Westernization, the adoption of the practices and culture of western Europe by societies and countries in other parts of the world, whether through compulsion or influence. In contrast, in, International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. They learn to be competitive at a young age. This ability uses the transparency of integral awareness of sensation, feeling, and thought consciously, consistently, and pragmatically. Refugees who seek asylum in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia or elsewhere may also be experiencing survivor’s guilt. Immigrants arriving in other countries have all sorts of anxieties. Some immigrants suffer from familial separation anxiety, because, in many cases, the whole family is unable to come for various reasons. Chapter 6 expands physician wellness themes, the challenges of MD burnout, enhancing fuller engagement, upgrading organizational sensitivity to physician needs, and mindful equipoise as a lifestyle of engaged wellness. Western culture also passed down from Gods to humans, but its emphasis is on human surface with stress on precise, superb techniques, and superlative and realistic artistry. H. Bredekamp, in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2001. Careful attention is given to terms and their meanings understood by each tradition (Fischer-Schreiber, Ehrhard, & Freidrichs, 1994). Asking the question in this way exposed the fact that she really didn’t have a handle on things. It won’t be easy to continue studying with worries, depression and maybe being physically unhealthy to those working student. Source(s): https://shrinkurl.im/a9rsu. Ramadan is followed by a 3-day Eid (feast) and then a few weeks later by a 4-day Eid that is linked to the pilgrimage to Mecca. Shades of orange, red, or purple are often used for this purpose. Eastern The difference in self-perception between easterners and Westerners may also exist in the user research. Western. It is not just bowing to or saluting their elders, but following orders from their elders without questioning them. Students get poor grades involve external factors, like the subject matter is too challenging that makes the students unable to follow in the discussion. If the immigrants are arriving as students, they have to sit multiple exams in many cases. Usability problems were ranked following a simple scale from “minor usability problem” to “important to fix” and “imperative to fix.” Her main findings were that the local and foreign evaluators found similar usability problems and that they also found a similar number of usability problems in Denmark and China. These differences can be noted mainly in people’s behavior and attitudes. Markets, culture and inequality in China (in sociology) 3. Here are some recommendations for designing with color: Start your design process using monochrome wireframes. Even friends I would usually go out and have drinks with said ‘No, I’m busy.’ It’s a curious thing.”, Maha Kumaran, in Leadership in Libraries, 2012. In my view, I classify the way of copying the culture from the western into two types. FIGURE 3.45. 1. This worldwide orientation has been embodied in encyclopedic form since 1983 in the publication of the Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon, a work that will include entries for several hundred thousand artists from all periods and countries. Thus, this review is a briefing aimed at broad but relevant coverage of ideas and practices. In addition, children are students too, their first priority should put on the study. When emotional stability suffuses this refined equanimity, even-minded equipoise results. Chapter 1 lays bare the mechanisms detailing those practical steps used to achieve mindful states. The UAE belongs to the Eastern Middle East group, and it would be prudent for anyone intending to run tests in the UAE to make sure that they have considered which group needs to be involved in the testing. 1 distroying own culture 2 distroying young generation 3 unwilling to follow sub-continental culture 4 following foreign lifestyle 5 following foreign literature . Third, residences may be communal or noncommunal, in terms of the degree to which nuclear families live together or in different homes. An integrated perspective on mindfulness in all areas of one's life is not only interesting but now lacking. Thus, to avoid any embarrassment, do not offer to shake hands. Out of all the issues with American education today, one of the most overvalued yet problematic for students is the grades and scores that represent their classroom proficiency and content knowledge. As people belonging to various cultures work together therefore, they understand the views of different … In general, the sense of time and timekeeping is very different from that in the West. This curriculum was developed with the goal of preparing all students for college; however, not all students plan on attending college. Non-Caucasian cultures are happy to adapt, while Americans and Europeans are more prone to reject or question decisions before considering accepting. The reasoning behind this is the grading system won’t be as harsh because there won’t be tests and quizzes to grade. Aggressive, emotional, energetic, warm, demands attention. People here are more relaxed about time, and one would be advised to be flexible in the scheduling of testing sessions, allowing for extra time between sessions. The symbol of art historical universalism is the research institute of the Getty Center in Los Angeles (Fig. In the US, the way of work is to say to someone’s face what is on your mind, and no one thinks twice about it. The other states – Ajman, Fujaira, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Quwain – are the least populated and least affluent. By: Lance Winslow. 0 0. delcour. With origins as a spiritual practice for millennia, Learned Mindfulness as a modern innovation broadens applicability to more pointedly psychological concerns. The lack of trust that comes from competitiveness can be another cultural issue to deal with. Due to the lack of support in money, students could not properly perform in school and pay attention in class and rather think on how they are going to get money, and since some students does not have other means of getting money, some engaged themselves in stealing and other illegal activities. In today’s world of cutthroat competition, people struggle their entire lives to earn a decent living. I think I earned my respect by asking good questions. The benefits includes that it increases the interpersonal skills of the employees. The HR Balanced Approach Advantage of the West. Minority librarians and majority white cohorts need to be aware of their cultural differences when dealing with each other. There is no implication that Asian and African cultures are lackadaisical, but just that their approaches to issues are different due to cultural and personal differences, and this could be misinterpreted by host countries. Photo by Kelidimari via Wikimedia Commons. First of all, Eastern and Western people have different attitudes toward their life. The primary colors as seen with normal color vision, with deuteranopia (6% of the male population), with protanopia (1% of the male population), and with tritanopia (1% of the male population). This feeling of ill preparedness is how many students feel on a daily basis when taking a test or quiz that can determine their future. This innovation may be an unprecedented effort to join these hitherto distinct areas in a fresh, integrated perspective. There is a lot of subjectivity in regard to color, but there is a fair amount of objectivity that you can take advantage of. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eastern And Western Education, The combination of both eastern and western education systems will be the best for most students. Eastern Culture vs Western Culture Essay Sample. With a millennia-old history in spiritual traditions, principally those of the East and now linked to the West, Chapter 2 describes how mindfulness today often takes shape as meditation or meditative practice. Everett N. McKay, in UI is Communication, 2013. Eastern world refers to countries in the Asia and Middle East whereas Western world refers to North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zeeland. From enhancing your global network to experiencing a new culture, the benefits to your education and career are significant. To be a home, a residence should provide haven, order, identity, connectedness, interpersonal warmth, and physical suitability (Smith 1994). When I first worked in the US, I was very shy about speaking up and was very quiet. Eastern people live in time, which means that they follow the natural order of time to do what they ought to do and work step by step. When I came back to India, I didn’t like that I had to weigh and think before I spoke. I gained this trait mainly through elementary school, I was very unorganized throughout most of it and even though I wanted to be getting good grades, I was always losing and forgetting about my homework. Despite promising earlier approaches, however, film and television have not been adopted into the canon of art historical objects with the same consistency, although more recent attempts are striving for a historical foundation in this field as well. The common perception is that people need numerous degrees from prestigious educational institutions in order to make something of themselves. Thomas Visby Snitker, Jared Jeffers, in Handbook of Global User Research, 2010. Traditional Eastern practices began with careful observation (aka “witnessing”) of phenomena experienced in body and mind. The art forms that have appeared in the twentieth century have provoked the question of whether art history should also devote itself to the images of the so-called New Media or leave them to other disciplines such as film studies or cultural studies (Belting 1995). In contrast, in Eastern cultures, relatedness, connectedness, and interdependence are sought, rooted in a concept of the self not as a discrete entity but, rather, as inherently linked to others. Workplace culture in their host country may also contribute to their leadership behavior when it comes to decision-making and independence at work. As a haven, a home must surround a person with privacy, security, and protection from the slings and arrows of life outside it. Being aware of cultural differences, acknowledging their impact on the individual, and adapting to behavioral change when needed are the first steps towards leadership. They are bent on their own achievements and accomplishments, which also causes a lack of trust of others. Thomas Visby Snitker, in Handbook of Global User Research, 2010, Shi (2008) showed a distinct difference in how Danish and Chinese user research specialists rated the severity of problems found in a qualitative usability test. Geographically, art history deals with the art of all continents, although for other continents besides Europe—where late antiquity constitutes a relatively clear line of demarcation to the field of archaeology—the temporal boundaries are less sharply defined. 3), whose mere location makes it clear that European art history does not stand alone. FIGURE 3.49. However, for the long term, saying, once the children know the correct approach to do household, it does help to reduce the heavy burden on parents to do the housework. Then I got used to it. This book discusses these needs in ways physicians trained in the sciences, including the behavioral and psychosocial, can appreciate. FIGURE 3.48. However, the languages of these countries are beautiful, fascinating, and important to national identity. Approximately 8 percent of adult males (yes, 8 percent!) (Kurtus, 2012) This demand requires the astute physician to have a working knowledge of emotions, feelings, and their processing from the behavioral perspectives to their neuroscience. Modern business values in Japan place more emphasis on the individual person’s goals and accomplishments. Some of these characteristics could also be due to political influences within cultures. Both Indian Culture and Western Culture are right at their places. Thus, Shi (2008) adds weight to theories that the holism tolerance is lower in the West and higher in Asia, see Hofstede (1991) and Nisbett (2003). The majority of OUJ students are nontraditional students, as 62% of its student population is over 40 years old and 21% is over 60 years old. If their first job experience in their host country was under an authoritative leader, they are not going to learn the idea of independence at work as it exists in the North American culture. When you’re choosing colors, consider what each UI element communicates and choose a color consistent with that communication. For accessibility, never use color as the only method of communication. Fortunately these connotations don’t always carry over to software. As a center from which people venture and return, home orders one's existence in the world, both spatially and temporally. Even though red means “good luck” in Chinese culture, a red traffic light in Beijing still means stop. This varies both within and between cultures. The other reasons have to with poor attitudes, like not doing homework dillydallying, and skipping class. History and geography of the Byzantine Empire, the eastern half of the Roman Empire, which survived for a thousand years after the western half had crumbled into various feudal kingdoms. Given this, it’s no wonder that the number of students earning a degree outside of their home country has tripled over the past 25 years. In some places, houses typically are surrounded by walls or hedges; in others they are not. The hierarchy of the organization and the employee’s role in the organization are made clear. Eastern cultures traditionally view discrimination as more of a part of everyday life, preferring older workers, men over women and rights of the majority rather than minorities. FIGURE 3.47. There are both the benefits and the demerits of cross culture at the workplace. In terms of cultural understanding, it is particularly important to be aware of issues involved in working with female participants. Even though there is flexibility with these colors, you should keep these perceptions in mind when you’re choosing colors. How does each make you feel? Over time I think I just started to sort of overcompensate by being much more organized that I need to be. Parent’s lack of support in financial is also a factor affecting a student’s performance. For students who go straight into the workforce, this college-bound curriculum is nearly worthless. The gray button feels too neutral—as if to suggest that you can’t register now. Beyond the core of basic courses, students choose from a wide range of more advanced and specialized courses in allied departments, such as: 1. These are some of the many, many reasons that cause personal and cultural behavioral patterns in an individual. The millennia-old traditions of Eastern perspectives undoubtedly embed them with nuance and enormous diversity. Although Abu Dhabi is the main and ruling state, Dubai is the most densely populated and has the most diverse cosmopolitan and cultural landscape, whereas Sharjah remains the most conservative. Lv 4. A tipi on a suburban lot in North America would be low on communality, but high on identity; the same tipi at a pow-wow on the open plains of central North America would be high on communality. When he arrived in Berlin, for example, someone met him and spent the evening with him. He ended up feeling that people in other countries were more receptive when people came to visit and more respectful of them as visitors. You don’t have to be a class topper from Harvard or Yale to become a success. Only in the long run will it be possible to see how influential such things might be. Western religious meditative traditions, orthodox and mystical, also have strong backgrounds, although discussing these is beyond this book. The universal aspirations of the discipline have enabled it to discover that other cultures such as China have a history of art as well, in which elaborate standards have been developed over centuries (Ledderose 2000). “What was interesting, when I was over there, I know everyone was busy, but even on a Friday afternoon there must have been 70 people there. More couples choose to move away from their hometown and get married in a whole new different setting. While contemporary Western views differ in approaches to the details of meditation and mindfulness practices, the Eastern cultural context influences a unifying influence that emphasizes a steadying mental attitude (Gombrich and Scherrer-Schaub, 2008, pp. The red button certainly demands attention, but the error status association makes you feel like you shouldn’t click it. Oranges feels similar to the red in that it demands attention but without the feeling of error status. Disadvantages Of Western Culture. A home provides order by helping individuals to know their place in the world. In today’s global world, there is no longer a single factor that dominates a personality. Thus, many students tend to study in a hurry just before the assignment due date and the final exam without the habit of a regular weekly schedule of study. Chinese users may not talk directly about their opinion of the interface but, rather, may talk much about others’ opinions of the interface. First, residences may be permanent or temporary. Eastern Culture or Western Culture, Which is Better. Figure 1.1. They thereby come to represent a considerable cultural and economic force (Lampugnani and Sachs 1999). Users with blindness or low vision may not be able to see the colors well, if at all. I spent some of my time with them, but no one else did. Medium colors are used to draw attention to the next step, and neutral colors are used for differentiation. Japanese popular culture (in Japanese) 5. Answer: by abir. Frank John Ninivaggi MD, in Learned Mindfulness, 2020. Many immigrants also come from competitive environments within their home countries. A person from the West is more flexible and free to make decisions on his own, unlike those in the East. Differentiation. Here are the typical human perceptions of some colors, independent of status or cultural interpretation: These perceptions suggest that color can be used strategically to help users scan a page: Focal point. Values: Eastern culture’s focal point is abnegation (love for others). This book aims to remedy earlier gaps in the field by supplying additional propositions scaffolding Eastern systems of meditation. Science, sexuality and society in modern China (in history) 4. Many students don’t learn those skills in grade school and high school, that when they reach college they aren’t ready for the demands of being a college student (“Why Do Students Fail? Even though other things in life play a crucial part, education and literacy are the two most crucial parts of people. Asians and Africans living in Western cultures are, again generally speaking, usually happy to be followers, while Americans and Europeans have historically aimed to be conquerors and therefore leaders. 50 depending on the currency fluctuations, and the average Indian salary is not more than the equivalent of $65 to $70 a month. This mindfulness readiness was everyday attention to the moment as a prelude to deeper states of meditative awareness. It Stimulates the Mind. Yet when we consider the recently published Dictionary of Art (1996)—a total of 36 volumes with 41,000 articles dealing with persons, artists, art historians, collectors, and all relevant geographical and object areas as well as photography, performance, and multimedia from the entire world, from which film has been excluded only because it is such a comprehensive area in itself—the conflict seems to have been decided in favor of an open conception of art history. Because they think the teacher is always right, and that makes them don’t think critically and creatively; but that’s also how they are cultivated to … There are essentially four groups of dialects and cultures: Eastern Middle East, Western Middle East, East African, and West African. Advantages of Cultural Relativism. Eastern ideas are explained in terms Western-trained physicians can comprehend. As became evident, when the development team was designing the platform for online courses there were frequent requests to make class discussions anonymous, as many students are afraid of embarrassment and losing face even online. Although the common belief is that certain aspects of school are important for an ideal education for all students, the main problems that need to be rectified as soon as possible include the lettered grading system and test scores as the main measure of achievement as well as a lack of disciplined and motivated in teachers who do their jobs correctly in order for their students to reach their full potential and excel in life. Asian cultures emphasize “we,” as in society as a whole, while American culture emphasizes the importance of an individual, as in “I.” In Asia and Africa, the emphasis is on fitting into the society and therefore being interdependent. Once managers insist that they don’t like blue or gray and so the product can’t use them, your visual design is in trouble. To students, sitting in such classes is very boring (Chaudhari, 2017). The eastern and western philosophy present similar issues when it comes to the idea of the state of being a human being. Leaders have titles and authority and most certainly maintain a power distance. Where an individual lives, family, economic status within their home culture, educational background, and personality, also contribute to their leadership qualities. However, the students are used to the passive mode of learning where few opportunities to interact with peers and ask the instructors questions directly are provided. 0 0. I had noticed many advantages and disadvantages of both education systems, so I don 't assume any of them are good enough. Users associate the status to hues that have high saturation and midlevel luminosity, so you can avoid these meanings by choosing colors that have low saturation or high or low luminosity. East Asian pop culture also offers something else: diversity. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for students. Don’t do it! Middle Eastern society, in general, is a formal and hierarchical society; courtesy is visible and explicit. Depending on what they choose to study, they may have to complete a Graduate Record Examination (GRE), a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), a Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) or a reasoning test or Scholarly Aptitude Test (SAT).

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