I couldn’t believe how little this reel weighed when I picked it up. Upon receiving my brand spanking new Ross Evolution R, I immediately noticed how unbelievably beautiful it was. The drag knob offers unique palming capabilities and an incredibly strong drag allows anglers to target any freshwater fish. … Continuing with the drag system, it has a very sensitive adjustment range, meaning an angler can really dial in the drag that they want for that particular water source they are fishing. ROSS REELS EVOLUTION LTX 7/8 FLY REEL : 7-8WT The Ross Evolution LTX is the next generation in premium, high-end trout reels. Now meet the award-winning Evolution LTX: the perfect combination of original Evolution LT feel and Evolution R performance. The water was low and clear and I fished 5X tippet to my top and bottom nymph. The Evolution R also features the thinnest face of any Benross iron, maximising CT performance for explosive ball speeds. Ross Evolution R Reel: detailed review by Richard Post, 121 W. Colorado Ave PO Box 685 Telluride, CO 81435. Other touches include a leader groove machined into the frame to keep your leader wrapped around the outside of the reel … ROSS Evolution R Salt Fly Reel . Time will tell how she does in the long run, but for now, I am impressed. It features a fully sealed carbon fiber drag … William R Ross is listed as an Agent with Leadership & Enterpreneurial Training, Inc. in Michigan. A wide sole but compact head hybrid. Benross Evolution R Irons: Verdict Due to the Evolution’s tiny size we don’t reckon it’s for everyone even though it’s in the game improvement iron category. I’ve seen what Ross has done with their Animas reels, adding different colors for the spool release cap. Shipping and Return Policy Durability – Yup, I’ve dropped it. Benross Evolution R Irons Review. It features a fully sealed carbon fiber drag with an industry-best power-to-weight ratio. Wish Lists Product added to cart. I discovered that the LTX (billed as a … I test reels on water, and then I hand test again at all drag settings. I fished a two fly nymph rig for most of the day. The Ross Evolution R Salt is a flagship saltwater reel series from Ross. The conditions are tough, and the fish can be even tougher. It's one of our best sellers. The supercharged, sealed drag system gives this reel a power-to-weight ratio that keeps you from going for a ride when you hook a creature who would very much like to return to the depths. This reel is lightweight and really strong for stellar freshwater performance. The strongest disc drag on the market with the highest braking power for the hardest pulling fish. They insisted I send the reel down to Colorado for them to examine. Watch Ep. The clubs feature a compact head shape, with an extremely thin face, which provides maximum CT performance and generates more ball speed for greater distance. Benross HTX Compressor Irons Review. In front of me stood this beautiful and slick reel ready for years of abuse on the water. Sort: Displaying 1 - 12 of 12 results: Ross Evolution R Fly Reel . Don’t see any dents or scratches, she still looks like the day I got her. Ross Evolution R Reels | On the Water Review. © Copyright 2021 Telluride Angler 121 W. Colorado Ave PO Box 685 Telluride, CO 81435 1 (800) 831-6230 All rights reserved.Privacy PolicyWebsite by WEBDOGS. The Perfect Combination - The LTX combines features from the Ross Evolution LT and the Ross Evolution R to present the best of both worlds. by Jordan Oelrich | posted in: Fly Fishing, Reviews, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Travel | 0. The Evolution R Iron features an ABS Polymer Cavity Insert that provides exceptional feel and acoustic at impact. I caught a handful of nice rainbows and browns in the 12” to 14” class and the river was kind enough to offer up one rather large cuttbow that taped out at 21”. I would stack it up against reels of much higher cost any time, any day. As the F1 was a top of the line reel, I was offered to choose between any reel I would like from the Ross line up. Tour spec … Total Score: 8.78 Introduction: Anglers can find themselves confused about all the different fly reels on the market, and which one will be the best for them. The Evolution R Driver is fitted with a premium Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black TiNi shaft and a bespoke Lamkin UTX grip. The Ross Evolution R is one of the best reels on the market. Just kidding, you should stay away from those things, they’re dangerous. Benross Evolution R Irons Review. Ross Povey looks at a Zenith El Primero-driven chrono from the 1980s and ’90s that won’t break your bank. After a few seasons of smashing it off rocks, leaving it half submerged in stinky water, and never once doing the proper maintenance, my Ross Reel was on its last legs. SUPERCHARGED DRAG SYSTEM The award-winning Evolution R Salt is a breakthrough product, designed with a power-to-weight ratio never before seen in a saltwater fly reel. The Evolution R is the culmination of our engineers’ and machinists’ artistic and technical prowess. Today marks the long-awaited return of the Fishwest 5wt Shootout. Daily: 9AM-5PM, Shipping Address  This feature allows the line to stack more naturally and neatly without as much input from the angler. I think I started at the tender age of six or seven, but I don’t […], Like many things in fly fishing, selecting the proper tools can be an intimidating task. I’m very impressed with this reel and guarantee I’ll put one of these to work this spring and summer. For all it’s sleek lines and loveliness … However, the reel does come at a hefty price of its own. we will include a reel pouch with this … The handle has a completely unique feel and becomes tackier when it gets wet. It features a fully sealed carbon fiber drag with an industry-best power-to-weight ratio. If you have the money, do yourself and drop a few bills on this beautiful reel. While it's easy to take one look at this reel and see why so many people adore it, we're here to find out if that reputation is deserved, or if Ross is simply resting on their laurels with this design. The first thing you’ll notice is the extensive amount of machining and the unique and intelligent porting on the frame and spool. Newsletter Sign-Up; Careers; Find a Dealer; Search. The large arbor spool includes an innovative line channel for cleanly hiding arbor knots when winding on backing. Ross has put an insane supercharged 16-disc sealed drag system in the R Salt. Just as a perfect loop flying over the water is a thing of beauty crafted by the caster, the Evolution R is the culmination of our engineers’ and machinists’ artistic and technical prowess. https://tellurideangler.com/fly-fishing-gear/fly-reels/ross/ross-reels-evolution-r-fly-reel/The. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Fishwest 5wt “Showdown” – Part 4: The Helios 2, Cutthroat Chronicles: A Year In – The Korkers Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots, Cutthroat Chronicles : My Favorite Winter Streamer Patterns, Rising Tools: Utah Made Quality – Part 1 – The Ultralight Plier. At first it was due to their lower-priced boots still being fabulous […], I’ve fly fished for a long time. The Evolution R, while as light as other similar reels on the market, made me feel like it could stand up to day-in and day-out guiding. Anglers are forced to try and sort out what features they will need, and which are expendable. This reel is lightweight and really strong for stellar freshwater performance. Before we jump into the on-the-water portion of the review, let's talk about the Ross Evolution LTX's features and what's changed between the LT and the LTX. This reel looks stunning. However, a few years back, I was lucky enough to trick my wife into thinking a good reel was a necessity for my happiness and purchased a Ross F1 reel for myself. the spool is in very good condition. WEIGHT. These aren’t reels that I would like to drop or take into a place like the Gunnison Gorge. Ross reel aficionados won’t need more than this to go on. One of the lightest! The address on file for this person is 23917 Meadowbrook Road, Novi, MI 48375 in Oakland County. Just kidding, you should stay away from those things, they're dangerous. The Evolution … The Ross Evolution R is one of the best reels on the market. Well, not exactly. The Ross Evolution R Salt Fly Reel is ready to help you haul up a megalodon. The ROSS Evolution R Salt builds on the foundation of its smaller sibling (the highly skeletonized frame and spool also shows hints of the award-winning Colorado LT), but instead of employing the Evolution R’s 7-disc system, it features an amped up 16-disc sealed drag system comprised of stainless steel and carbon … Should you buy this reel? I found this quite annoying, as my previous reel had an auto-eject button that popped off the reel quickly and easily. Think fishing with gloves on. Review by Richard Post, Telluride Angler I will start this unbiased review by saying that after a week of testing it on some of the biggest and baddest fish that swim in the Caribbean, this reel is a beast. All Evolution R reels come in at under 4.5 ounces and deliver a striking appearance from whatever angle you choose. Type II Anodizing - Type II anodizing allows Ross to create the perfect … The improved CT Response Channel helps to boost ball speeds across the face, minimising ball speed drop off for off-centre strikes. I mean, to me it did not feel as strong typical wood or aluminum materials, but so far it has held up just fine. Evolution R irons from Benross feature a thin face and compact club head . Free shipping on USA orders over $49 ** No state sales tax ! Alright, so lets get down to it. His local waters are home to rainbow, brown, brook, tiger, bull, and cutthroat trout. However, this reel does mean business for some big fish. The spool fastens to the frame securely, there’s no wobble or play between the frame and spool. Benross Evolution R Irons: You need to know A two-piece head... Read more. You’ll also look for the drag knob for just a second until you get your hands on the frame side of the reel and find a large round six spoked drag knob that rests cleanly along the frame. This reel is worth it, pay for what you get! The Ross Reels signature bell-shaped arbor design also … The machined platinum color spool release knob screws securely into the drag housing and is connected via a hexagonal nut (see image below of drag housing for detail of the hexagonal connection). Just kidding, you should stay away from those things, they’re dangerous. Telluride Angler's thoughtful and detailed review of Ross Evolution LTX Reels covers all important design details and includes field notes from the Gunnison and Colorado rivers. They are both sealed drags, and offer equal stopping power. This reel also has solid retrieval rates and an easy-to-release spool to make it user … Ross Evolution LT Fly Reel Review . Also an industry first, the R Salt features two smaller counterbalances on the spool - this innovative design reduces mass and creates perfect, … All three testers were big fans of the cracking cosmetics and solid sound. Ross Reels out did themselves when I was dealing with their warranty. Articles. The Ross Evolution LT. Well the Evolution R Salt comes pretty close. The 7|8 EVO R weighs only 4.5 ounces compared to the 6.8 ounce hatch that felt like a block of lead on my 7wt. I, of course, picked the most expensive one available to me, the Ross Evolution R. All that was required of me was to pay a replacement fee of $72 and I was set. A bunch. It also aligns perfectly with the machining on the frame and sports the classic double R machined into the knob. Account. The company is a Michigan Domestic Profit Corporation, which was filed on January 2, 1997. There’s nothing like it on the market from a cosmetic standpoint, but it doesn’t look so funky as to beg the question, “Is this a fly reel?” The clicker sounds metallic in the way of a quality ratchet, but quieter and subtler than that of the original Gunnison. Accessibility Policy 138 West 280 South It was effortless on my part, and living in Canada didn’t affect the process one bit. for a reel with this much power, it’s still pretty light. I’ve had my fair share of reels that suddenly lock up while I am fighting a fish. Benross Evolution R Fairway Review: We say. The reel foot is ported and features the Evolution R logo along with the model size underneath the foot where it rests on the reel seat. After a week or so, I received an email back from a kind woman explaining to me that my reel would be warrantied and I was entitled to a new reel. A handle is a small but important piece of the fly reel and it’s nice to see a manufacturer take a little more time here. The drag knob offers unique palming capabilities and an incredibly strong drag allows anglers to target any freshwater fish. Plus, I think fundamentally, fly fisherman crave the best of the best gear. To be fair the reel I was using wasn’t really designed for fishing in saltwater. The lines on the reel are undoubtedly modern and the overall aesthetic is very sleek and clean. It felt almost half as heavy as the F1 but just as robust and durable. Ross Fly Reels and Fly Rods are recognized as some of the best in the world. Feel is something we talk a lot about when reviewing fly rods, but less commonly with reels. This reel will solve that problem. Onward to find out! Ross Evolution LTX reels are CNC machined to exacting tolerances in Montrose, CO from proprietary aircraft grade T-6061 barstock aluminum. The Evolution LTX is a fusion of the classic Evolution LT and the more recent Evolution R. Ross has done a great job with keeping the pleasing sound that made so many fall in love with the original Evolution LT, but that is the only aspect of the reel that has stayed the same. Shop Ross new fly fishing reels with free shipping including Ross reviews on the Amimas, Evolution R and Colorado and Flyrise fly fishing reels. Fly fishing equipment reviews, practical advice, factory tours, interviews and instruction. We field tested the new reel on the Dolores River, where big fish are caught on light tippets. Lack of Color Choice – I think this might be nit-picking but you can only get this reel in certain colors. Retail prices will range from $455 for the 3/4 to $495 for the 7/8 and it is available in Matte Black and Platinum. These gorgeous reels are then hard anodized for the perfect balance of durability and color. Welcome the Ross Evolution R Salt Reel. RRP: … The spool counter balance is the same piece used on the all-time classic Ross San Miguel reel. With other species of pike, walleye, whitefish, and sturgeon thrown into the mix. However, it doesn’t have to be. The ultra-smooth drag found in the Evolution LT has a long and revered history, b 3 of The Reel Corner to find out how the … Telluride Angler's Richard Post reviews the Ross Evolution R reel on the Dolores River.

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