Screening through High-Grade Pit Digging bears the price of $100-$200 per person for digging high-grade green and red sunstone pits. Therefore suitable for jewelry wear. At 10.1 miles, turn right toward the east onto Co. Rd. Here you can dig for free sunstone gems from unprocessed ore and keep the sunstone if you find it. Quick view Add to Cart. Sunstone Mining Company is owned and operated by Gary Kratochvil. This includes but is not limited to: the use of offensive or inappropriate language in participants business   profile, any and all references to competition in participants business profile, promoting false claims, untrue or misleading information, any attempt to hurt or diminish the importance of any other business or  participating entity including the website. The Sunstone Mining Company produces natural Oregon Sunstone from the High Desert of southern Oregon. Other tools can be provided at the site, but you are welcome to bring yours too. 3-10 at 3.6 miles toward the east side. It depends on the sites that collectors have to pay different amounts of fee for sunstone collection. There is no fee for sunstone collection, but you are advised not to collect sunstone for commercial or trade purposes here. Can you name some of Oregon sunstone mines? Before collecting sunstones, make sure you are within the public collection area. Besides that, is it also great outdoor activities for family and friends with a reward of a cool gemstone? Kids under 12 years of age are free to enter with paying adults. Quick view Out of stock. Keep going about 3.75 miles and look for the Double Eagle sign. Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area. You can find sunstone by conveyor belt at the mining sites, or dig randomly on the site or the digging pit. The Double Eagle mine is one of a small group of fulltime Oregon sunstone mining companies located near Plush. Comment Sold and it is yours and I will DM for payment and shipping, Pay-Pal, Credit Cards Meet The Owners of Double Eagle Mining Company, owner operators Debbie and John Aldrich. Question: What else should I know before going digging in the public collection area? This gem consists of solution between anorthite (CaAl2Si2O8) and albite (NaAlSi3O8). Keep going on the Hogback Road for 20.2 miles until you can see County Road 3-11 to turn left. What else do I need to pay attention to while searching for sunstone in the Oregon Public Sunstone Collection Area? *Location: Oregon Public Sunstone Collection Area is located in the remote area Rabbit Basin. Since there are many privately owned mining claims surrounding public collection areas that you are not allowed to dig without permission, you need to take time to know where you are before collecting the sunstone. For more recreational activities, you can check out this information:, Your email address will not be published. You might be in danger or illegal trespassing if you walk to a desert area randomly, so make sure you have information in hand before going. We urge all participating artisans, miners and professionals to make frequent updates to their profiles. Take your shovel and screen Oregon Sunstones or you can buy one yard screened material for $180. Definition of Sunstones "Sunstone" is the name given to a certain variety of feldspar that exhibits a brilliant pink There you can turn right onto BLM Road 6195 and see the Sunstone Collection Area entrance sign. It also allows people who are struggling with mental problems such as depression and overcome the phobia. Oregon Sunstone Miners Association, Plush, Oregon. Gold Panning in Oregon: 10 Secret Places To Check, Top 15 Best Construction Boots Reviews 2021, Top 15 Most Durable Work Boots Review 2021, Top 15 Best White Leather Sneakers for Women Reviews 2021, Top 15 Best Moccasin for Women Reviews 2021, Top 19 Best American Made Work Boots Reviews 2021, Top 17 Best Composite Toe Boots Reviews 2021, Top 15 Best Metatarsal Boots Reviews 2021, Top 15 Best Motorcycle Boots for Women Reviews 2021, Top 15 Best Orthopedic Work Boots Reviews 2021. Visit Spectrum Mine and dig for Oregon sunstone gems from a designated pile of fresh unprocessed ore for free all day and keep what you find (mine personnel must be present). We are a fulltime mining source of Plush Oregon Sunstone. You can go for collecting and digging either in Oregon Public Sunstone Collection Area or privately owned mining claims, which are listed in this writing hopefully useful for your reference. Neon Multi-Color Oregon Sunstone Necklace - 18K Gold. In the early 1900s, Tiffany and Company acquired mining in Plush, Oregon, and opened the first commercial mine producing sunstone jewelry. 3-11. What do I need to bring for searching for sunstone here? *Fee: 50$ per person for additional days. As its name, sunstone provides energy to all the chakras and allows itself to shine happily. Then you can turn right onto road 6195 and see the Sunstone Collection Area entrance sign. Oregon sunstone is mined in two broad areas of the state more than 100 miles apart: the Ponderosa mine in Harney County, in central-eastern Oregon, and the Plush mining area in Lake County, southwest of the Ponderosa.. Then you will turn right on Road 311 and go for about ¼ mile; you will see a sign “Sunstone Area on your right that says Sunstone Area. *Fee: $60 per person for digging a virgin ore pile by shovel and screening for Oregon sunstone.Children of 12 years of age and younger are free to enter. It’s highly recommended to bring a shovel, leather gloves, buckets, hammers, screwdrivers, and bags if they do not provide it. Mining for sunstones is an exciting adventures because you just never know what you are going to find and it’s so easy anyone can try. Currently, the largest volume of Oregon sunstone is found in the volcanic highland of the Ponderosa mine owned by Desert Sun Mining. There are some mines which are child-friendly. Our Mission is to maintain the integrity of Oregon Sunstone as a rare, all natural, all American gemstone. You can look for the yellowish stone when walking along with the Oregon Public Sunstone Collection Area. Then take the first left or the second left before Public Collection Area board and keep going on the road, you will see the office (not over the sagebrush). Each participant must obey basic rules of conduct and avoid language or material that is offensive in the website. Hardness of a single crystal can vary based on it´s orientation (axis). Since having possession of mineral Hematite, or sometimes Pyrite or Goethite, or rarely Copper, sunstone usually has a reddish or orange color with a glittery appearance, hence its name. Inclusions of hematite and copper give the mineral a golden shimmer. It enhances vitality and reduces stress for any person who wears it. Innovator of the year, 2016 E&MJ. 3-11 to reach Spectrum Sunstone Mine. Also, Oregon sunstone is unique because of quite-large crystals. The mine, located at 5,750 feet above sea level, is now owned by Desert Sun Mining. The Oregon Miners Association (OSMA) is primarily dedicated to protecting the marketplace against unscrupulous dealers who sell cheap treated oligoclase/feldspar as authentic copper bearing Oregon Sunstone. Sunstone is not so popularly seen in jewelry stores in most parts of the world. Just a slight reminder that you need to follow the collecting rule of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and stay away from the nearby land where mining claims were registered except for the case that you get the permission from the owner. *Location: Double Eagle Mining is located in the high desert in Plush, Oregon. There are some options to search for sunstone that you might take for reference. Mining Oregon Sunstone is a fun, extremely demanding, and an addictive business. Light yellow to colorless Oregon sunstone usually range from a few dollars to $20 per carat for calibrated or native cut stones. Thundereggs in Oregon: Benefits, Value, Where & How to Spot? Top gems from PANA Mine are fast getting international recognition with dealers, jewelry makers and investors. Before this, gem quality sunstones were limited in supplies that would support world markets with duration. There are many private mining claims surrounding the public collection area and several within it. The mine is one of the sunstone deposits having the richest color of sunstone in the world. When you buy through links on, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Sunstone is known for their iridescent glow they sometimes exhibit when viewed in sunlight. The mining season runs from June to October, when the mine is free of snow. There are a few deposits of sunstone large enough to operate mining systems. It is known as feldspar gemstone and commonly as “aventurescent feldspar.” Sunstone is usually cut into beads, cabochons, small sculptures, and faceted stones. Oregon; and Mrs. T. Mapes of Klamath Falls, Oregon, were very helpful in providing information about local geography and about sunstone mining and collecting in general. It consists of 4 full size 20.6ac claims located on top of an ancient volcano. If you are a traveler from the South on Highway 395, you need to turn left toward the east side onto Country Road 3-10 (as the Hogback Road). As an Amazon Associate I ( earn from qualifying purchases. Oct 24, 2013 - Explore Douglas Fine Jewelry Design's board "Oregon Sunstone Mining DFJD", followed by 194 people on Pinterest. *What do you need to prepare for digging sunstone: Please bring a shovel, tactical pants, gloves, hammers, screwdrivers, bags to carry sunstone, a bucket. Thus, sunstone helps people achieve power, stability, gain confidence, and fight for their interests. Direction to Oregon Public Sunstone Collection Area,, Contact information: Bureau of Land Management of Lakeview District. Ales Patrick Krivanek (webmaster) it's not allowed to make changes or additions to individual profiles of participating miners and other participating professionals without their express written permission. Please check the information before you go. The mine is not only accessible from many routes but also family-friendly. The mine is one of the sunstone deposits having the richest color of sunstone in the world. This site is open to the public for mining sunstone in Oregon. Also, bring food and a lot of water to stay hydrated in the high desert and whatever you think you need to camp if necessary because the nearest store is over 20 miles away. Just keep your eyes looking on the ground to find them among rocks and soils. *How to get there: Take Highway 395 North to the Highway 140 East junction, go for about 6 miles, then turn right onto Highway 140. In July 2013, our family traveled to the middle of nowhere to hunt for Oregon’s gemstone: the Oregon Sunstone. Typically some sunstones are found in several basalts flows like in Harney County and Lake County. Oregon sunstone, the gemstone which shows a beautiful amalgamation of golden, yellow, brown and red hues, is known to be full of a lot of positivity. “Visitors don’t mind the drive because it’s so beautiful out here and the sunstones are gorgeous too. Ended: Oct 30, 2020. Website: doubleeaglemine.comTel: (541) 417 - 0158. Oregon Sunstone Mining Claim Gemstone Rock Collecting Site Gold Historic Claim: Condition:--not specified “ Who are we? We are located in the high desert of south central Oregon, north west from the town of Plush Oregon. The public collection area is marked by orange plastic and wooden posts and corners with BLM signs. There will be legal penalties applied when you order sunstone at privately owned mining claims without the owner’s permission. Co. Rd. In a nutshell, if you are a person who is interested in outdoor gemstone collection, Oregon Sunstone is among the rarest gemstones over the world to collect. Large mechanized mining claim operations are visible near the entrance to the Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area. Keep going for about 7.8 miles until a 3-way intersection to turn left onto Road 6115. You can also use the enchanting Oregon sunstone silver jewelry as a beautiful and meaningful Christmas gift. Private mining claims are also located outside and adjacent to the Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area. $140.00. Mechanized equipment is seriously prohibited in the Oregon Public Sunstone Collection Area. Sunstone here can be green or red, but most commonly are pale yellow. $17,000.00.

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